Demi Lovato’s Tits Hanging Out At The MTV EMAs

Demi Lovato shows up at the MTV European Music Awards with her tits hanging out of a man’s suit jacket in the disturbing photos below.


Thank Allah that Europe will soon be an Islamic Caliphate, and this sort of brazen sluttery will be a thing of the past. For the last thing anyone on any continent wants to see is Demi’s sloppy saggy deflated milk sacks dangling from her broad chest plate like this.

Yes in the very near future Europe will be a halal place, and the only time this much blasphemous female flesh will be visible in public is when a woman is being stripped down for a flogging. Speaking of which, Demi is a hulking ox of a woman who after a good deal of beatings may eventually make an excellent plow maiden or cart puller… If one of us powerful Muslims were so inclined to put in the effort to whip the sin out of her.