Camila Cabello Flaunts Her Fat Ass In A Thong Bikini

Mexican singer and actress Camila Cabello flaunts her enormously fat ass in a thong bikini in the candid beach photos below.


Of course since Camila comes from the Puerto Rican island nation of Cuba, she is right at home washing up on shore with her sloppy booty meat out flapping in the breeze like this…

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Unfortunately for Camila if she thinks that being this bottom heavy is going to stop the Sharia stones of justice from toppling her over she is sorely mistaken. For even if we have to ice our shoulders the next day, we will eventually pelt this Panamanian prostitute with enough rocks to take her out… As Camila’s noxious taco farting butt jiggling performances have instilled in us a righteous wrath to see that Sharia justice is served.

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