Evangeline Lilly Transformed Into A Crazed Lesbian

As you can see from the photos above and psychotic dance video below, “Lost” and “Ant-Man” star Evangeline Lilly has transformed into crazed lesbian.

Of course this is the sort of thing that happens to infidel women who are left to their own devices, as they lack strong men to obey. For their feeble female minds can not handle freedom, and they inevitably descend into madness.

Yes, it is clear that Evangeline Lilly will soon be spending her days screaming feminist diatribes while throwing her mensural blood at passenger on the subway, and her nights vigorously munching on some other butch lesbodyke’s stank puss. For this is what the modern Western world does to a woman, so let us pray to Allah that he continues to protect us from such a sickeningly sinful scourge.

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