Natalie Portman Sends Nude Dildo Sucking Video To Her Husband

Natalie Portman Thor

Natalie Portman appears to send her husband a nude dildo sucking video (see below) while away working on her new film “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

There is no doubt that ever since Natalie Portman was named the new “Thor” she has been working hard on the role by taking horse steroids while traveling around the world filming, so its not surprising that she hasn’t had much time for her family.

Of course videos like this one of Natalie sucking on a big black plastic dong will help to keep the romance alive between Natalie and her pathetically emasculated cuckold husband…

But really nothing is going to replace the thrill he gets of watching her choke down a cock in person while he quietly pleasures himself in the corner.

Of course not to be overlooked in all of this is the original “Thor” Chris Hemsworth, who has also been hard at work transforming himself for his new part in the film… As you can see from the recently released sex scene above of Chris’ character finally discovering his “true self” while Natalie is off saving the world.

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Selena Gomez Finger Sucking Cum Queen

As you can see from the photo above, Selena Gomez appears to have regained her title as Tijuana’s top cum queen, and to celebrate she sucks her finger while showcasing gratuitous side boob in the video below.

Certainly it can not be argued that no one can take a steaming hot load of spunk to the face quite like Selena Gomez (whether it be from a human penis or a donkey dick).

For Selena has been a brazen degenerate for decades… Starting from her early days on “Barney & Friends” through her Disney Channel depravity and beyond.

So it isn’t surprising to see that her salacious Spanish sluttery is starting to take its toll on her body, as evidenced by what appears to be a back-alley abortion scar on display in the swimsuit photo above.