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Selena Gomez’s Braless Droopy Tits Continue To Offend

Selena Gomez braless

Selena Gomez has a new single out titled “Ice Cream”, so she is back out on the streets doing promotional work (and accosting our pious Muslim eyes) with her braless droopy titties imitating melted ice cream cones in the photos above.

Selena Gomez nipple pokies

There are enough problems in the world today without Selena Gomez’s low swinging Mexican mammaries looking like two avocados in grocery bags being thrown in our face like this…

Thankfully Selena filmed the music video for this “Ice Cream” song with the Chinese girl group “BLACKPINK”, so she almost certainly contracted the Beijing Bat Bronchitis and will soon hack herself into an early grave… One that better be dug extra deep to make room for her rapidly sagging boob sacks.

Jordyn Jones Braless Flaunting Her Nipple Pokies

Jordyn Jones nipple pokies

Social media star Jordyn Jones tries to jump start her singing career with a music video featuring her rock hard nipple pokies while braless in a nearly see through top in the clip below.

This is certainly an upsetting turn of events, for us pious Muslims have been calling for Jordyn to renounce her attention whoring and convert to Islam since way back when she was still of a halal breeding age.

Jordyn Jones bikini

Unfortunately for Jordyn she is going to learn the hard way that missing out on getting on her knees and submitting to a virile Muslim master is going to be the biggest regret of her life.

Jordyn Jones bikini thong

In fact, if Jordyn does not get her tight round booty cheeks clapped by a Islamic tunic scud soon she will have completely missed her chance, and it will eat away at her until she eventually either succumbs to suicide or madness.

Olivia Munn Desperately Horny In Swimsuits

Olivia Munn nipple pokies

Actress, TV host, and OG nerd masturbation fodder, Olivia Munn is desperately horny as she shows off her rock hard nipple pokies in the swimsuit photos above.

Obviously Olivia is one thirsty thot who keeps her legs spread open at all times in the hopes of getting her slutty sin holes slammed…

Olivia Munn ass thong

Not only that but Olivia clearly wants her booty meat banged as well, as she parades around her bare butt cheeks in thong bikinis.

Olivia Munn horny

Yes, there is no doubt that Olivia Munn wants nothing more than a powerful Muslim man to come pulverize her innards with his mighty meat pole… Unfortunately for Olivia she is a dried-up old whore, so she must settle for sex with the limp-dick infidel geeks and remain in a constant state of extreme sexual frustration (as in the photo above).

Alexandra Daddario Hard Nipple Pokies In A Thong Bikini

Alexandra Daddario bikini

Alexandra Daddario flaunts her rock hard nipple pokies and bare ass cheeks while in a thong bikini in the video clip below.

Alexandra showing off her erect tit toppers and booty meat like this is just a preview of things to come, for her long anticipated second nude scene is set to be released later this year in the film “Lost Girls & Love Hotels”.

Alexandra Daddario thong bikini pokies

In the film Alexandra plays a white girl who falls in love with an Asian man’s pathetically tiny egg roll while living in the Chinese nation of Japan… A preposterous plot to be sure, but science fiction films often have absurd storylines… Besides Alexandra is clearly in a constant state of arousal, so if anyone can pull off pretending to be attracted to a slant-eyed slopehead it would be her.

Halsey’s Razor Sharp Nipple Pokies A Public Safety Concern

Halsey nipple pokies

Pop star Halsey’s razor sharp nipple pokies have become a serious public safety concern, as you can see in the candid photos below.


Halsey Halsey Halsey
Halsey Halsey Halsey
Halsey Halsey Halsey

Halsey’s dangerously erect tit toppers are just one example of an epidemic that will soon be sweeping the Western world, as pent-up heathen harlots emerge from quarantine ravenous for dick.

Yes, not only will Halsey’s pokies be taking out eyeballs left and right, but her vigorously twerking ass cheeks will cause epileptics everywhere to go into seizures.

Halsey nipple pokies

Clearly something must be done to prepare for this imminent “whorepocalypse”, for when the crazy-eyed cokehead sluts like Halsey begin taking to the streets in mass we must have a large stockpile of stones ready to beat them back with.

Elsa Hosk – Beautiful Boobs and Ass in Topless Photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine (August 2020)

Elsa Hosk show off her sexy boobs and ass posing topless and in sheer lingerie for Harper’s Bazaar Greece Magazine August 2020 issue.

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Maya Hawke In A Swimsuit Trying To Hump The Ocean

Maya Hawke swimsuit

Netflix’s “Stranger Things” star Maya Hawke flaunts her erect nipple pokies and soaking wet pussy mound in a swimsuit while trying to hump the ocean in the candid photos below.


Maya Hawke Maya Hawke Maya Hawke
Maya Hawke Maya Hawke Maya Hawke
Maya Hawke Maya Hawke Maya Hawke

In all my years of celeb jihading I haven’t seen many stranger things than Maya trying to get her horny heathen harlot holes slammed by the ocean surf in these photos… As if the Pacific Ocean wasn’t polluted and fishy smelling enough without Maya’s spreading her legs and butt cheeks into the breakers like this.

Of course this isn’t the first time that Maya has put on a brazen display of public exhibitionism… For who could forget the video above of her titties nearly popping out when a large black phallic object was stuck in her face. Truly disturbingly depraved stuff.

Ellie Kemper Boobs And Nipple Pokies

Ellie Kemper boobs nipples

“The Office” star Ellie Kemper boldly bares her boobs and rock hard nipple pokies in the video clips below.

Ellie’s salacious behavior in this video will certainly come as a surprise to many in the infidel West, for she has has done an excellent job of cultivating a “good girl” image… However, Ellie did not fool us righteous Muslims for a second, for we always knew that (like every infidel starlet in heathen Hollywood) she is nothing more than a degenerate gutter skank.

Ellie Kemper nude sex

And when Ellie’s sex tape finally gets released, even her pathetic simp fanbase will have to admit that she is a vile Jezebel who deserves to burn in the eternal Hellfire for her crimes against morality.