Miesha Tate Nude Photos Complete Set Leaked

Miesha Tate nude leak

The complete set of former UFC MMA fighter Miesha Tate’s nude photos appear to have been leaked online in the gallery below (*2020 update with new pics).


With her powerful round rump and sturdy rock hard frame there is no denying that Miesha Tate has a body built for plowing (pulling it not getting it), but the best thing about these nude photos has to be the hilarious contrast between Miesha and that soy boy manlet she is standing next too.

A scrawny concave chested low testosterone homofag next to an unfeminine whore is the perfect representation of life in the infidel Western world. In fact, that picture is so profound in its imagery (as it works so brilliantly on so many levels) that it should win a Pulitzer Prize for photography and be studied in schools when talking about the decline of the West.

Darcy Isa Nude Selfie Photos

British actress Darcy Isa shows off her bulbous brown boobies in the recently released scandalous nude selfie photos below.


As you can see, Darcy Isa appears to be some sort of mixed race mongrel with massive mammaries… And since she was clearly named after the character “Mr. Darcy” from the Jane Austin novel “Pride and Prejudice”, it is safe to assume that her mother is white and her father is some shit skin Sub-Saharan that she slept with to social signal how “open-minded” and “progressive” she is.

Now that we’ve determined that Darcy’s father is a black, it is also safe to assume that he abandoned her and her mother before she was born and has not been part of her life since. This of course explains Darcy taking these nude pics, as she yearns for male attention to fill not just her sex holes, but also the hole in her heart from her severe daddy issues… Clearly Sherlock Holmes has nothing on superior Muslim deductive reasoning.

Izabel Goulart Candid Nude Vacation Photos

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Izabel Goulart flaunts her nude tits and bare butt cheeks in the candid vacation photos below.


The fact that wanton Jezebels like Izabel Goulart are returning to whoring their bodies out in public like this is a sure sign that the Chinese Bat AIDS has run its course, and life in the hopelessly depraved Western world will soon be back to normal.


Yes, us pious Muslims must mentally prepare ourselves for yet another summer of being ocularly assaulted by the blasphemous bare flesh of brazen females like Izabel. Let us pray to Allah that he grant us the strength to withstand this degeneracy, and the wisdom to vigorously flog our meat scuds to expel the lecherous djinns Izabel’s tight ass so violently inflicts upon us.

x.Leah.x0 Training To Lick Her Own Butt Hole

As you can see in the video clips below, Instagram star x.Leah.x0 is training to become the first person in history capable of licking their own butt hole.


If Leah is able to accomplish this remarkable feat and slide her tongue up her shit coated sphincter she will certainly go down as the greatest female athlete of all time…


However, even if Leah fails to tongue tickle her tight tush she can find solace in knowing that she has acquired the flexibility needed to accommodate the tremendous girth of a Muslim’s enormous manhood… And I can assure Leah that one day soon she will get deep dicked by virile tunic snakes… Provided that she agrees to lick our gigantic hairy ball satchels during the act… And then give herself a facial with the creampie afterwards.

Gigi Paris Nude Photos Ultimate Collection

The gallery below features the ultimate collection of model Gigi Paris’ nude photos.


As you can see, despite her ridiculously “basic bitch” modeling name, Gigi has some talent as her nipple to breast ratio is pleasingly halal… Unfortunately her tits are lacking in a coating of erotic pubic hair like our beloved pious Musliminas, but I have found that is too much to expect from inferior Western women.

When Islam finishes conquering the West, Gigi Paris may make for a good lower level concubine for a financially challenged and less discerning Muslim man. Perhaps a sandal repairman or maybe even a fig merchant will take a liking to her, and bring her on as a taint tickling apprentice… Who knows, if Gigi is lucky and studiously applies herself to her craft, in a few years she may work her way up to being able to please her master’s ball sack.

Addison Rae Sex Training Going Well

As you can see in the video clip below, 19-year-old TikTok sensation Addison Rae is training hard to be able to accommodate the massive manhood of a virile Muslim man.


Many infidel women arrogantly think they have what it takes to survive a powerful Muslim sin hole slamming and end up severely injured, so its good to see that Addison Rae is taking the monumental task ahead of her seriously.

Of course with her thick hips and ass Addison’s body is built to take a beating, and it will certainly be put through its paces when she begins her rich and rewarding life serving as a concubine in the harems of us virile Muslims.


Unfortunately for Addison, her window of opportunity to become a receptacle for holy Islamic ball batter is quickly closing…

And while all this preparation is great, it will be for naught if she waits any longer and ages out of being one of our prostitutes.

Brec Bassinger Lingerie Scene And Bikini Photos

Former Nickelodeon star Brec Bassinger shows off her tight pleasingly underdeveloped body in purple lace lingerie in the video clip below.


Brec Bassinger recently got her big break by landing the starring role on the new CW superhero series “Stargirl”… However as you can see from these bikini photos, Brec’s real “big break” will come when a virile Muslim man splits her innards in half with his massive mighty meat scud.


For despite now being a middle-aged 21-year-old, Brec has retained the halal nubile appearance of a girl of a proper breeding age. Sadly since she is a starlet in Showbiz this won’t last for long, so it is now or never for Brec to denounce her heathen Hollywood ways and follow a righteous path by serving in our holy Islamic harems.

Elizabeth Elam Full Frontal Nude Outtakes

The gallery below features model Elizabeth Elam’s recently released full frontal nude pussy outtake photos.


Not too long ago we posted a collection of Elizabeth’s nude pictures (which can be seen here), and now she has taken her degeneracy to the next level by showcasing her sinfully silky smooth sex slit.

Of course this is no coincidence, as Elizabeth clearly thought that the attention this holy Islamic website gave her meant that she had a shot at fulfilling her lifelong dream of scoring some enormous Muslim man meat. Unfortunately for Elizabeth these pussy pics do her no favors, for not only are her labia blasphemously uncircumcised but she is lacking a dark dank pubic burka. Add this to her possibly Jewy nose, and Elizabeth has a snowballs chance in hell (which is where she will soon be going) of getting deep dicked by a tunic snake.

Sommer Ray Full Nipple Slip And Thick Booty Cheeks

Model Sommer Ray fully slips out her nipple while laying around in a thong bikini in the photo above.

This is the second time that Sommer Ray has exposed her sinful tit toppers this week, as the see through outtake photo above was recently released online… Leaving many to speculate that Sommer will soon pose topless.


Of course no one really cares about Sommer’s small breast sacks, as she is best known for her world class ass haunches.

Which as you can see in the photos above are as thick and plowable as ever… And by plowable I mean that they should be hooked up to a plow to till the earth on a powerful Muslim’s poppy plantation.

For Sommer is certainly a fine specimen of female livestock and there is not a red-blooded Muslim man alive who not be proud to have her bulbous booty chained up in his barn.

Tana Mongeau Topless Nudes And Under Boobs

Internet star Tana Mongeau continues to terrorize us righteous Muslims with her titties in the topless nude photos above.

Unfortunately even when Tana is not showing her sinful pink nipples she continues to ocularly assault our pious Muslim eyes with her bulbous breasts by flaunting her ample under boob.


Of course there is only one solution to Tana Mongeau’s massive mammary hate crimes, and it involves a sharpened scimitar, a roll of duct tape, and a thick black wool burka… Which even the hopelessly depraved infidels would agree would be a vast improvement to her appearance, for anything that covers Tana’s fugly busted mug is certainly halal.

Laura Carter Sex Tape And Nude Photos

The video above features British reality TV star Laura Carter’s blowjob sex tape.

Not only is Laura skilled at slobbering all over pathetically tiny infidel man meat, but as you can see in the gallery below she is also an accomplished nude selfie photographer.


With such a diverse array of talents it is certainly surprising that Laura is not an even bigger star in the hopelessly depraved backwoods cesspool of Britain. Perhaps if she wore a powdered wig and had a penis tucked between her legs she would have more of a following among the effeminately foppish English natives.

Lindsay Lohan Topless Nude Selfies Leaked

Lindsay Lohan appears to have just leaked online topless nude selfies from when she was on her period in the disturbing photos below.


Unfortunately these Lindsay Lohan leaks come from 2013 when she was already a banged out old whore who’s titties had been slapped around snorted coke off of by every big nosed heeb in heathen Hollywood.

For there is no denying that back in her prime Lindsay had fantastic fun bags. It is just a shame a powerful Muslim never got to milk and then motor boat those magnificent mammaries before they turned into the sad sagging sacks we see in these selfies.

Although with that said, Lindsay’s nearly invisible “ghost nipples” are certainly still halal.

Madison Beer Shows Her Nipples In A See Through Top

Singer and social media star Madison Beer continues her desperate attempts to become a sex symbol by showing her nipples while braless in a see through top in the video below.

Madison Beer has tried nearly every trick in the book to become a beloved slutty starlet in the West…

Including prostituting her body in skimpy bikinis, and whoring herself in short dresses while partying out at night in Los Angeles.

However the hopelessly homoqueer heathen masses have only shown lukewarm interest in her lewd ways.


That may be about to change… For as you can see in the video above, Madison recently appeared on the disgustingly degenerate show “RuPaul’s Celebrity Drag Race” and underwent a makeover to look more like a tranny.

If Madison can cut down on her feminine appearance enough that the kuffar males believe that she has a dick tucked between her legs, she no doubt will finally become the object of their depraved desires.

Willa Holland Nude Outtake Photos Released

“Arrow” star Willa Holland’s nude outtakes from an “artsy” photo shoot that she did with her photographer boyfriend have just been released online in the gallery below.


While bare female flesh is certainly a blasphemous sight to behold, us pious Muslims find something appealing about these photos of Willa’s lifeless limbs and her limp body stuffed into a box… Certainly any number of serial killers would agree that this aesthetic is on point.


Not to say of course that Willa’s boyfriend is a serial killer… But if he were he should probably know that Willa has been cheating on him (as you can see in the video clip above), and that the voices in his head want her gone for good.

Chloe Grace Moretz Quarantine Sex Violation

After parading her panties around Los Angeles in extremely short shorts in the photo above, it appears as though actress Chloe Grace Moretz violates social distancing rules in the threesome sex photo below.

Clearly Chloe is a danger to public health, as she not only ventures out without a mask on and her undies on display, but also with her butt cheeks hanging out the bottom of her shorts to attract more men to gangbang her.

Yes, if Chloe is allowed to continue to keep this up she will certainly be having social gatherings of more than 10, as depraved infidel males line up out the door to get a chance in her sin holes.

Thankfully the solution to this serious health threat is obvious… California must immediately require that all women wear the holy burka. For there is no greater protection against the spread of diseases as well as lecherous djinns.

Julia Fox Nude Sex Photos Uncovered

CelebJihad researchers have just uncovered these nude sex photos of “Uncut Gems” star Julia Fox.


It is clear from these sex pics that Julia Fox has a dark and deeply depraved past. Perhaps if Julia’s lady gem was not “uncut” she would behave more like a chaste and demure woman.


Yes, Julia’s constant degeneracy is almost certainly the direct result of her unshorn overactive sin slit…


You better believe that if her cock box was a mangled mass of desensitized scar tissue and she were putting her powerful round rump to good use pulling plow in the poppy fields all day, she would have neither the interest nor energy to be prostituting her nude sex organs like this.


In fact, if Julia learned to behave properly she would be a fine specimen of female livestock… As she clearly has a subservient nature, and an ass built to take a beating both in and out of the bedroom.

Anna Kendrick Upskirt Panties Flash

Actress Anna Kendrick lifts up her skirt and flashes her panties while behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot in the disturbing video below.


We all know that Anna is a brazen Jezebel, but airing out her stinking panties covered cock pocket like this is certainly low for her.

Of course in the past Anna’s upskirt escapades have centered around showing off her under butt cheeks…


So to see her transition from upskirting her ass to her pussy like this is certainly a concerning development, and one that makes us pious Muslims leery of what sickeningly sinful acts of degeneracy Anna has yet to come.

Courteney Cox Nude Tits And Ass Compilation

The photos and videos below constitute the ultimate compilation of Courteney Cox’s nude tits and ass moments from her long and illustriously depraved career in the spotlight.


As you can see from her nude scenes in “Blue Desert” and “Commandments” in the video above as well as the candid pics below, Courteney Cox’s favorite move is to slip out her sinful nipple during dimly lit sex scenes or while out in the ocean frolicking in the waves like a floozy.


Of course Courteney Cox will always be best known for briefly marrying the brilliant comedic thespian David Arquette, but she also apparently had some success on her own while starring as the sass-mouthed slut “Monica” on a sitcom called “Friends”.

Sadly by the time Courteney landed her role on “Friends” she was already a banged out old whore who had been ridden hard and put up wet by heathen Hollywood bigwigs throughout the late 1980’s.

Speaking of which, back in her heyday Courteney was certainly an acceptable harlot who could of had a rich and rewarding life serving as a concubine in a powerful Muslim’s harem.


However, instead of capitalizing on the once in a lifetime opportunity of becoming a penis parking spot for an Osama or Saddam, Courteney squandered her best years in Showbiz.

In the end Courteney’s career can serve as a cautionary tale, and it is one that high value young actresses should take note of before they too become washed-up has-beens who never got to experience the unimaginable pleasure of a mighty Muslim meat scud mashing their holes.

Katheryn Winnick Showing Off Her Boobs In Quarantine

“Vikings” star Katheryn Winnick joins the list of stir crazy celebrity starlet sluts, as she flaunts her bulbous boobs in the swimsuit photos above and video clips below.

Of course this sort of sickeningly sinful degeneracy is nothing new for Katheryn, for as you can see from the black and white photos below she has been prostituting her tantalizing tit sacks for quite some time now.

Frankly it is impressive that Katheryn’s blasphemously busty breast bags have held up this well… For at an absolutely ancient 42-years-old one would expect them to swinging down around her ankles at this point… I guess being a barren unwed shrew has some benefits, but I doubt that her mammaries make up for the crippling depression she faces as a woman who has failed to fulfill her reproductive role.

Kristen Bell Nude Spread Eagle And Ass Flaunting

Actress Kristen Bell is best known for being an old whore who loves to both spread her legs and show off her tight round ass…

That is why it comes as no surprise to see that Kristen exhibits both of these “talents” in her recently uncovered big screen debut from the 1939 vaudeville film “Minx on a Windy Day” in the video clip below.

Clearly Kristen Bell has been prostituting herself in heathen Hollywood for quite some time now. The fact that her body has held up so well through the years can only be attributed to witchcraft and the dark Satanic science of plastic surgery.

No doubt behind Kristen’s botox injected face and stapled up titties is a weathered husk of a hussy who has been rode hard and put up wet countless times through the decades.

Ella Orten Nude Ass Photos And Boob Bouncing Compilation

Social media star Ella Orten shows off her tight round nude ass and bounces her bulbous boobs in the photos and compilation video below.

From these video clips it is easy to see why Ella is considered by many infidels to be an up-and-coming musical star on TikTok, as she flaps around her busty tit sacks in perfect rhythm… Of course its also easy to see from the nude photos below why Ella is considered by us pious Muslims to be a brazen Jezebel worthy of being pelted with the stones of justice.


In the end Ella’s fate will be determined by the time it takes for Islam to finish conquering the West… For she will either make a comfortable living a Patreon, or she will stand trial in Sharia court… I know which outcome I will be praying for at the mosque this evening.

Ursula Corbero Topless Candids On A Nude Beach

Netflix’s “Money Heist” star Ursula Corbero shows off her tiny titties while topless on a nude beach in the candid photos below.


Ursula hails from the Mexican European nation of Spain… A country that despite being under holy Islamic rule for hundreds of years, still manages to produce brazen Jezebels.

As you can see from the video clip above, even when Ursula is confronted by authorities she continues her sickeningly sinful ways as she lifts up her shirt while flaunting her plump rump cheeks.

Yes, Spanish women like Ursula just go to show that no matter how much raping and pillaging us pious Muslims do in Europe the heathens natives are lost causes. The only real option is for us to purge the populace, salt the earth, and in a few centuries build a holy Islamic caliphate utopia on top of the ashes.

Katy Perry Naked And Extremely Fat

Pop star Katy Perry gets naked and shows off her enormous gut in the video clips and photos below.


It is certainly a disturbing sight to see Katy brazenly baring her bloated beer belly like this… In fact, it appears as though even the camera had to get shit-faced drunk before it could film this ocular abomination

Of course it comes as no surprise that Katy would turn into an obese slob, for as a barren old shrew she certainly has no self-respect and nothing to live for.

It is just unfortunate that instead of doing the honorable thing and taking her own life, Katy has decided to flaunt her flabby frame.

In the end, Katy has no one but herself to blame for her grotesquely gluttonous state. For at one point she was worthy of the tremendous honor of being a whore in a virile Muslim’s harem, and she instead chose to continue singing her shitty bubblegum pop hits.

Shu Qi Nude Photos Ultimate Collection

The enormous gallery below features the ultimate collection of “The Assassin” and “The Transporter” star Shu Qi’s nude photos.


These Shu Qi nudes are all a part of our brilliant Muslim scientists’ continued efforts to find the origin of the Chinese Bat Pox which is plaguing the planet. For if we can determine the cause of this pestilence, we can destroy it and save humanity from almost certain extinction.

And what better spot to look for the birthplace of this disease than Shu Qi’s sin slit in these nude photos. For this Hoe Chi Minx clearly has all sorts of dangerous djinns festering in her ching chong cock box. Just to be safe, Shu Qi should be put in quarantine… And by quarantine of course I mean an ISIS burning cage where she can be doused with pure Saudi Arabian crude and cleansed of her slutty Shanghai shaitans.

Sophie Mudd Under Boobs And Nude Ass Photos

Model Sophie Mudd is best known for her world class enormous udders, so naturally being the tremendous cock tease that she is she shows her bare ass instead in her first official nude photo shoot below.


There is not a red-blooded Muslim man alive who would not love to get his hands on Sophie’s massive mammaries and milk them dry. So for her to expose her butt instead of her boobs, is certainly an insult to Islam.

To teach Sophie a lesson for her insolence us virile Muslims should pound her poop chute with our gigantic man poles and pulverize her innards… But to honest, if given the opportunity it would be hard to resist slithering our tunic snakes up Sophie’s sensational tit valley, and spitting our ball venom all over her slutty face.

Emma Kotos Nude Tits And Ass Photos Collection

The gallery below features the ultimate collection of model Emma Kotos’ nude tits and ass photos.


Women generally fall into one of two categories… Either they are built for plowing the fields or getting plowed in bed. However, this Emma Kotos falls into a third category…

For with the amount of silicon she shoved into her chest cavity she is clearly a woman who is made for a life of smuggling. Whether that be C-4 explosives and IEDs between her bulbous bolt-on boobies, or RPGs and kilos of opium up her gaping rectum.

Yes, Emma’s purpose in life should not be taking slutty naked pics, but rather avoiding infidel customs agents and border patrol to supply the mujahideen sleeper cells behind enemy lines… Any red-blooded Muslim man who looks at her can see this undeniable fact.

Hayden Panettiere Nude Scene Enhanced In 4K

The video below features Hayden Panettiere’s nude side boob scene from the film “I Love You, Beth Cooper” remastered and enhanced in ultra high definition using our A.I. (Advanced Islamic) technology.


As you can see from this clip and nude beach photo below, Hayden did not mind showing off her naked titties before she got her infamous botched boob job…

Since that time Hayden has (understandably) shifted her focus to prostituting her ass, as you can see in the recently leaked thong flashing video below.

While there is no denying that Hayden’s tight round little rump is one of the most halal in the business…

It is obvious by the way Hayden bends over and shakes her ass in the video clip below from “Bring it On”, that she been banged by dirk skin abids.

Sady for Hayden no amount of showering will ever wash off that stigma…

Or the Sub-Saharan super AIDS that now no doubt infests her sin holes.

Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Her New Thic Ass Cheeks

Emily Ratajkowski flaunts her new thic ass cheeks while bent over in a thong in the video clip below.

Clearly Emily has been eating her cake, as her posterior appears to be considerably more plump than before… Which is certainly a welcome change as Emily’s butt has always been her third worst feature… Just behind her fugly face and annoying vapid personality.

Yes, now that Emily has a nice round rump she just has to put a bag over her head and stop her stupid whore babbling, and she’d really be on to something.

Of course all of Emily’s issue could have been easily resolved if she would have converted to Islam… For pulling the plow would have firmed up her fanny, a burka would hide her face, and a few swift backhanded slaps from her powerful Muslim master would fix her tiresome sass mouth once and for all.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Nip Slip And Nude Ass Crack Outtake

Jennifer Love Hewitt appears to flash a hint of her nipple in the recently uncovered and enhanced scenes in the video below from her TV series “Ghost Whisperer” and the film “I Know What You Did Last Summer” respectively.


Of course Jennifer Love Hewitt was extremely stingy with her nudity during her prime… With the nip slips above and ass crack outtake pic below from her infamous cowgirl photo shoot being the most that she showed…

Which is certainly a shame, for there is no denying that Jennifer was one of the hottest pieces of ass heathen Hollywood has ever produced.

And its not like she was some demure and chaste woman who wouldn’t have shown the goods if the Zionists who control Showbiz would have offered up the Shekels.

For we all know what Jennifer had to do in those pre #MeToo days to get her parts… Especially considering her level of “acting talent”.

When those glorious casting couch sessions will be released is anyone’s guess.

Elizabeth Elam Nude Photos Ultimate Collection

The gallery below features the ultimate collection of model Elizabeth Elam’s nude photos.


As you can see from these naked pics, Elizabeth Elam has the halal perky breasts and tight plump round rump necessary to make it as a concubine in a virile Muslim’s harem… Really the only thing holding Elizabeth back from this unbelievable honor is that her big nose makes us question if she is of Satanic Jewish origin.

Thankfully us brilliant Muslims are at the forefront in the field of kikeology, and we have developed many scientific tests to accurately determine whether someone is a heathen Hebrew or not… All that is required is to measure Elizabeth’s heart rate and pupil dilation while showing her gold, diamonds, and coupons books.

Sydney Sweeney Tits And Ass Master Quarantine

“Euphoria” star Sydney Sweeney has mastered flaunting her tits and ass while in quarantine.

While other heathen Hollywood harlots have struggled to be the degenerate attention whores that we know that they are, Sydney has really found her grove when it comes to being a slut while social distancing.

Sydney even capitalized on the whole “Tiger King” craze by showing off her ass in a pair of black leather studed short shorts that would make Joe Exotic green with envy.

Of course Sydney did not stop there, as she has given “updates” on how her home life is going while leaning forward with her boobs pressed together…

And she has hit the streets for her California government sanctioned 30 minutes of outdoor exercise with her butt cheeks hanging out the bottom of her shorts.

Katherine Langford Nude Topless Selfie

Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” and “Cursed” star Katherine Langford appears to flaunt her nude titties in the topless selfie photo above.

It certainly comes as no surprise to us pious Muslims that Katherine would break out her bare breasts like this, for as a lascivious slut on lock-down she has very few outlets for her depraved attention whoring ways.

Of course by exposing her blasphemous nude female flesh like this during the holy month of Ramadan, Katherine has earned herself an express ticket to the front of the Sharia stoning line when Islam finally finishes conquering the West.

In the meantime us Muslims must vent our righteous wrath productively by furiously flogging the dangerous lecherous djinns out of her tunic snakes and enormous ball satchels.

Luckily my oldest wife Inaya (pictured above) is the spitting image of Katherine (right down to the pierced nipples, only her’s serve a function as anchors for her leash), so I will be able to adequately evacuate the shaitan infested sperm into a convincing outlet.

Anna Wolf Nude Photos Ultimate Collection

The gallery below features the ultimate collection of model Anna Wolf’s nude photos to date.


Clearly when Anna is not squatting down and taking a shit in the ocean she is fantasizing about us virile Muslim men pounding her sex holes with our enormous meat scuds, and these nude photos are her way of trying to capture our attention.

Unfortunately what lecherous infidel sluts like Anna fail to realize is that there are far better ways to try and seduce us pious Muslims than showing off their blasphemously bare female flesh… For example Anna could wear a seductive black wool burka, make inflammatory statements denouncing the Satanic state of Israel, or film herself milking a camel…

Sadly for Anna, if she continues down the depraved path she is on the only thing us mighty Muslims are going to bang her with are the Sharia stones of justice.

Jordana Brewster Nude Ultimate Compilation Enhanced

The video below features the ultimate compilation of “Fast and Furious” and “Lethal Weapon” star Jordana Brewster’s nude scenes enhanced using our A.I. (Advanced Islamic) technology.


As you can see from this video, it was not easy to bring Jordana Brewster’s blasphemous bare body to light, as her nude scenes have been extremely zoomed out and very poorly lit.

Of course if the infidel West would end their racist sanctions against the peaceful Islamic Republic of Iran we would be able to acquire the weapons-grade plutonium necessary to power our A.I. technology to the max, and expose Jordana’s nude sluttery once and for all…

For unveiling Jordana’s immorality is what us pious placid Muslims want most of all… And so we certainly would not create powerful radioactive rockets to launch into the Satanic illegitimate state of Israel.