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Jenna Ortega Nude Selfies And Ass Flaunting

Actress Jenna Ortega appears to show off her tiny titty in the topless nude selfie photos above.

Jenna Ortega possesses all of the qualities necessary to be the next big thing in heathen Hollywood… Of course I am not referring to her acting talents, but rather the fact that she is a mongrel Mexican (which is by far the fastest growing demographic in the great Satan US of A). Add to that the fact that Jenna has a nubile appearance and she spent her formative years being groomed in Mickey Mouse’s harem, and it is clear that she is destined for great things in Showbiz.

Yes, there is certainly no denying that if Jenna had a penis between her legs she would already be the top sex symbol in the West… However by simulating sex with a savage Sub-Sahran in the new movie “X” (in the video clip above) Jenna has proven that she is as deeply depraved of a sicko as any tranny.

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Kiernan Shipka Lesbian Masturbation Scenes From “Swimming With Sharks”

The video below features actress Kiernan Shipka’s lesbian masturbation scenes from her new TV series “Swimming With Sharks” brightened and enhanced in high definition.

Much like Kiernan Shipka herself, this “Swimming With Sharks” TV series certainly tries too hard… For not only does Kiernan fiddle with her moist sex hole before making out with some dirt skin lesbodyke in a bathroom, but she also strokes her sin bean in front of some weathered old whore.

Yes, these scenes prove that once again Kiernan and her perky titties will do pretty much anything to try and win the approval of the hopelessly depraved infidel masses.

Thankfully if these are the types of “woke” sex scenes heathen Hollywood is going to be peddling it won’t be long now until their shekels dry up, and even the Chinese grow tired of financing their nonsense.

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Kiernan Shipka Upskirt And Abs Flaunting

Actress Kiernan Shipka shows off the panties covered entrance to her tight little cock box while in a little black dress in the upskirt photo above.

Of course a brazen exhibitionist like Kiernan Shipka would not stop there, as she also faunts her taut tummy in a bikini top in the photo above and again while on the red carpet in a bra top in the video clip below.

Its just a shame that Kiernan did not show this same dedication to whoring her pleasingly underdeveloped body when she was still of a proper marriage age while starring on the hit TV series “Mad Men”. Perhaps if she had she would have secured more screen time, as the writers would have explored the intense sexual chemistry that was so evident between her character and the protagonist Don Draper.

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