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Lily James Nude Sex Scene From “Pam & Tommy”

Actress Lily James shows off her nude tits while portraying Pamela Anderson in a graphic sex scene from the biopic TV series “Pam & Tommy” in the video below.

There is certainly no denying that Lily James is a committed “method actress”, as she not only got 1990’s bolt-on boobies but also reportedly contracted Hep C just so she could more accurately portray Pamela Anderson.

Not only that but it has been rumored that Lily worked briefly as a concubine in the harem of a virile Muslim man to try and experience a meat scud similar in size to Tommy Lee’s famous horse cock… However she left disappointed (and with a limp)… As the tunic snake she encountered was many times larger than Tommy’s pathetically tiny little weenie.

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Lily James Big Bikini Side Boob On The Set Of “Pam & Tommy”

Lily James shows off her bulbous glistening side boob while in a bikini on the set of her new TV miniseries “Pam & Tommy”.


As you can see, Lily James does an excellent job of really embodying Pamela Anderson’s big tittied white trash sluttery in this role. In fact, she is so much like Pam right now that one would suspect that she would test positive for Hep C as well.

There is no word yet if Lily will be recreating Pam and Tommy’s sex tape, but after seeing the way she has embraced this character one has to assume it is going to happen… For if she is in for a penny she is in for a pound… Both literally and figuratively.

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Lily James Upskirt

Lily James upskirt pictures from the set of “Pam and Tommy”. Also featuring: Sebastian Stan. That PVC dress looks great on her. Of course, she’s no Pamela, but she’s pretty decent as well. Enjoy.

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Lily James Nude Scene From “The Pursuit of Love”

Actress Lily James continues her depraved tear through 2021 with her second nude scene of the year (the first can be seen here) in the brightened and enhanced ultra high definition video below from the BBC miniseries “The Pursuit of Love”.

How Lily’s character behaving like a hard nippled whore in these scenes is going to help her find love remains unclear… However, what is certain is that despite lacking the depth for such an emotion, Western women continue to obsess over the idea of romantic love.

Yes, females are base and primitive creatures by nature who are incapable of feeling love… Unlike a man who is quite adapt at loving many things like Allah, the blessed Prophet (PBUH), a good pair of sandals, a prized goat, and his favorite AK-47.

Of course with Lily coming out of quarantine in 2021 with her tits swinging, she no doubt has no time to look for love… Especially as her next project has her further distancing herself from her Cinderella start by embodying the Hep C riddled old slut Pamela Anderson in the upcoming “Pam & Tommy” biopic.

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Lily James Nude Scene From “The Dig”

Lily James briefly flashes her nude titties while bathing in a tub of semen in the video clip below from her new film “The Dig”.

This short nude scene is certainly not up to Lily James’ lofty depraved standards… But Lily will soon rectify this for her degenerate fanbase, as she is set to star as Pamela Anderson in the upcoming Hulu series “Pam & Tommy”.

As you can see from the behind-the-scenes photos below, Lily James is already recreating Pam’s iconic red Baywatch scenes…


Which of course means that a reshooting of Pam and Tommy’s honeymoon sex tape video is right around the corner… However, there is no doubt that a Muslim stuntman will have to step in to properly simulate Tommy’s famously large manhood that Lily will suck on.

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Lily James Nude Scene From “The Exception” Uncut

The video above features the recently released uncut open matte version of Lily James’ nude sex scene from the film “The Exception”.

As you can see from the photo above, the original release of this nude scene was cropped to just below Lily’s blasphemous breasts and just above the bottom of her bulbous booty cheeks… But now Lily’s sickeningly sinful nudity can be fully appreciated in all of its depraved glory.

Of course to really expose the degenerate depths of Lily’s baseness we’d need to get our hands on the rumored director’s cut of this scene, in which a horned up and in heat Lily sucks off her co-star, the lighting director, and two of the craft services workers… Until eventually they had to turn the hose on her to get her to cool down.

A.I. Enhanced Celebrity Nudes Vol. 4

The brilliant Muslim scientists at “Celeb Jihad Labs” in Tehran have used their proprietary Advanced Islamic (A.I.) imaging software to enhance the celebrity nude photos below. Of course this is part of our on-going series using this technology to expose celebrity sluttery (see Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3 ). However, we will not be able to fully realize the extent of this groundbreaking tech until the great Satan US of A lifts its blasphemous sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, so that we may enrich the Uranium needed.

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Dina Meyer – “Starship Troopers”

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Lily James – “The Exception”

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Reese Witherspoon – “Twilight”

Shailene Woodley – “White Bird in a Blizzard”

Any suggestions for our next set of AI enhanced celebrity nudes can be made in the comments below.

Lily James Nude Ass Retrospective

Lets us take a moment and reflect upon actress Lily James’ bulbous British booty in the color-corrected video below from the film “The Exception”.

They should have called this movie “The Assception” because Lily’s lily white butt cheeks are exceptional in it (clearly our Muslim puns are in a league all of their own).

Unfortunately Lily will probably not get the opportunity to put her powerful posterior to good use in service of us virile Muslim men, for yesterday the UK voted in an extremely racist anti-Muslim conservative government by a historically large margin…

And frankly I’m glad, for us Muslims don’t need their shitty little island anyway, as there are plenty of other European countries who are more than happy to have us suckling from their welfare teat in the name of diversity. Sadly the real victim in all of this is Lily, as she will now most likely not be able to get culturally enriched by having her sensational shit box stabbed by a massive meat scud.