Laura Marano Nude Selfies Released

Former Disney star Laura Marano appears to show off her nude body in the selfie photos above.

Not only did Laura spend her formative years starring on the Disney Channel series “Austin & Ally”, but she got her break in Showbiz as one of the five original students on the hit game show “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?”…

Thus proving once again that giving girls an education is a terrible thing, as their feeble female minds (which are extremely base by nature) lose all sense of morality as their tiny brains get filled with useless “facts”.

Yes, the only thing that a girl like Laura Marano should have spent time studying was how to best please her husband’s dick with her various holes… Of course with that said, she probably did get a crash course in the basics while working the Disney casting couches… And after seeing these nude selfies it is clear that Laura was a quick study.

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