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Julie Delpy Nude Debut At 18-Years-Old Remastered

Julie Delpy nude

The video below features actress Julie Delpy making her nude debut at 18-years-old in the 1987 film “Beatrice” remastered and enhanced.

Julie Delpy would go on to star in such critically acclaimed films as “Before Sunrise” and “2 Days in Paris”, but her best work will always be this full frontal nude scene as a teen… For not only is her body still acceptably nubile, but it depicts a girl burning her bed sheets after having her shameful mensural cycle.

Julie Delpy sexy

This is of course of immense importance as a woman’s period blood is known to attract all sorts of dangerous djinns (not to mention wild blood thirsty jackalopes)… In fact, just to be safe I personally make every female I own sleep outside whenever their monthly visitor rears its ugly head.

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