Katy Perry Nude Topless Behind-The-Scenes Of Her New Music Video

Katy Perry nude topless

Washed-up pop star Katy Perry appears to show off her nude tits while topless behind-the-scenes of her new music video “When I’m Gone” in the photos above.

This Katy Perry song may be the biggest cock tease yet, and not because she flaps around her dilapidated old boob bags throughout the music video… But rather because the thought of Katy being gone is intensely erotic.

Yes, us pious Muslims have often fantasized about Katy being gone, and not just from Satanic Showbiz but from the planet… As she begins her eternity of burning in the Hellfire for her crimes against morality.

If this “When I’m Gone” single is Katy’s way of telling the world that she is ready to take her own life and end her miserable meaningless existence, then we will pray to Allah that it hits the top of the charts to further encourage Katy to follow through on her suicidal ideations.

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Katy Perry Hot

Hot Katy Perry pictures from Peloponnese, Greece, 06/20/2021. The songstress right here takes a well-deserved break after giving birth. You gotta enjoy looking at her legs and the rest of her body.


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Katy Perry Is A Naked Fat Slob

Pop star turned land whale Katy Perry appears to show off her sloppy fat naked body while escaping from a fisherman’s net in the video clip below.

Katy Perry has always been a disgusting pig of a woman on the inside, it is just that now with her lesbodyke haircut and blubbery post-baby body her awfulness is reflected on the outside as well.

Yes, Katy has certainly become a frumpy MILF (Mother I’d Like to Flog) after shitting out just one kid, and she shows no signs of ever returning to her former self.

And stuffing her bloated gut into Spanx and a sundress to try and hide her fat frame isn’t going to help… Especially when she keeps ripping noxious nacho farts and blowing up the back of her dress to display her bulbous butt cheeks.

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Katy Perry Flaunts Her Huge MILF Boobs

Washed-up old pop star Katy Perry flaunts her huge MILF (Mother I’d Like to Flog) boobs in a swimsuit while on vacation in Hawaii in the photos below.


Why do infidel women like Katy Perry think that it is acceptable to gain 200lbs simply because they got knocked up? In the civilized Islamic world our pious pregnant Musliminas hardly gain an ounce… As they get the same amount of table scraps in their dish, and continue working in the fields up until the point of delivery when they are granted a 15 minute break to go squat behind a bush and take care of business.

Yes, Western new mothers like Katy Perry are slothful slobs, and it is reflected in their doughy dumpy appearances. If the kuffar men had any pride they’d beat them vigorously for bringing shame to their clan by looking like sloppy sows.

Katy Perry Naked And Extremely Fat

Pop star Katy Perry gets naked and shows off her enormous gut in the video clips and photos below.


It is certainly a disturbing sight to see Katy brazenly baring her bloated beer belly like this… In fact, it appears as though even the camera had to get shit-faced drunk before it could film this ocular abomination

Of course it comes as no surprise that Katy would turn into an obese slob, for as a barren old shrew she certainly has no self-respect and nothing to live for.

It is just unfortunate that instead of doing the honorable thing and taking her own life, Katy has decided to flaunt her flabby frame.

In the end, Katy has no one but herself to blame for her grotesquely gluttonous state. For at one point she was worthy of the tremendous honor of being a whore in a virile Muslim’s harem, and she instead chose to continue singing her shitty bubblegum pop hits.

Katy Perry Nude Ass Compilation

Pop star Katy Perry shows off her nude ass crack for Christmas in a behind-the-scenes clip below from her new holiday music video…

Of course this wasn’t the first time that Katy brazenly showcased her bare butt cheeks, so to complete the compilation we included the other two clips of her meaty mud flaps… As well as the photographs below of her depraved derrière on full display after getting off of a ride at a water park.

Yes, while Katy’s degenerate fanbase has been focused on seeing her massive milk sacks, it is her dilapidated dumper that keeps making appearances.

No doubt Katy continues to hide her titties while teasing her nude tush, to torment her thirsty admirers… And because she is a committed “backdoor beauty” who loves getting her shithole stretched.

Katy Perry Sexy, Orlando Bloom Nude

Orlando Bloom played modest when he stopped by The Howard Stern Show to promote “Carnival Row” and was asked about his famous naked paddleboard photos while in Italy with Katy Perry three years ago. The actor played coy saying, “It is really not that big. Things are extended on cameras with a big telescopic lens. That was […]

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