Katherine McNamara Lingerie Lesbianism And Redheaded Topless Photo

Katherine McNamara shows off her sinfully feminine body in slutty lingerie in the selfie photo above and lesbian sex scene below from her new CBS miniseries “The Stand”.

As you can see from this lingerie lesbian scene, Katherine has compromised and changed her hair color from platinum blonde to a pinkish hue to try and appease her degenerate fanbase that prefer her best as a redhead.

However, as you can see from the topless nude photo above, there is no denying that as a ginger Katherine looked more likely to suck off a man in an alleyway… And not just because she is showing off her tits.

For there is something about fiery red hair more than any other color that just screams floozy. And while Katherine flaunts her crotch and long legs as a blonde on a boat in these pics, one can not help but perceive her more as a bimbo than a bangable beauty.

Katherine McNamara Skilled At Subtly Showing Her Tits

“Shadowhunters” and “Arrow” star Katherine McNamara has spent the past year in quarantine becoming quite skilled at subtly showing off her tits and ass, as you can see from the selfies above…

Of course with little opportunity over the past year for a brazen attention whore like Katherine to get out and showcase her sex organs in public thanks to the Chinese bat AIDS pandemic, she has had no choice but to become creative about being a whore at home.


And with the soon-to-be President, Beijing Biden poised to lock away the moronic American masses with a mandatory quarantine, Katherine is going to have rely heavily on her stay-at-home sluttery to get her sick kicks.

Yes, there is no denying that celebrities like Katherine subtly showcasing their tit sacks while sitting indoors is the future under Beijing Biden’s presidency…

Until they get rounded up and vaccinated, earning themselves 10 social credits to be used towards 30 minutes of outdoor time a day…

Provided of course that they remember to wear their masks and social distancing shock collars.

Top 5 Moments From The 2020 Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globe Awards were held last night in Los Angeles, and if you are like 99.5% of people you’d rather have diarrhea coming out of your eyes then watch the pretentious heathen Hollywood elites self-congratulate, make “woke” political statements, and generally just jerk each other off for hours on end.

And so us pious Muslim celeb jihadists have once again done the dirty work for you, and compiled the top 5 moments from the award show below.

#5 Katherine McNamara’s Nipple Pastie

Katherine showed why she is considered a classy up-and-coming talent by attending the black tie affair with her tit hanging out and a stripper pastie covering her nipple.

#4 January Jones’ Tits Pressed Together

January really put her “personality” on display by pressing her breasts together in a low cut red dress.

#3 Saoirse Ronan’s Side Boob

Saoirse was fishing for more notable roles by flaunting her side boob. No doubt she received many private casting calls in the Men’s room stalls throughout the award show.

#2 Salma Hayek’s Clownishly Large Breasts

Despite only being invited to the show because she is sucking the dick of the French multi-billionaire luxury brand owner that was sponsoring the event, Salma showed no shame as she paraded around her new ridiculously over-sized Mexican mammaries.

#1 Ricky Gervais Roasting Celebs

No doubt the highlight of the night was Ricky Gervais ending his own career by absolutely roasting all the pompous pedophiles in attendance… And while we will certainly still throw Ricky off of the nearest building for being a flaming homoqueer, we tip our turban to him for using his years of practice to tear heathen Hollywood a new asshole.