Melania Trump And Hunter Biden’s Sex Tape Uncovered

Melania Trump Hunter Biden

Former First Lady Melania Trump and President Biden’s sole surviving son Hunter Biden appear to be on the cusp of being embroiled in a political sex scandal for the ages, as the sex tape video below has reportedly been recovered from Hunter’s infamous laptop.

Of course it should come as no surprise that Hunter would bang Melania like this, for as the last US Presidential election proved the Biden family is quite skilled at screwing Trumps…

Not to mention that by plowing Melania’s Slavic sin slit, Hunter gets to combine his two favorite pastimes of having sex with hookers and other guy’s wives.

Yes, we appear to have finally found out what was so salacious on Hunter Biden laptop, as before this point the only things of note was Hunter doing coke, f*cking his dead brother’s wife and daughter, and taking bribes from foreigners on behalf of his father… Which are all things us pious Muslims (and CNN) didn’t find to be particularly controversial.

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