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Hailey Baldwin Nude Before And After Photos

Hailey Baldwin (Bieber) appears to show off her nude body in these before (below) and after (above) photos after surgically enhancing her tits and removing her RBF (resting bitch face).

Despite marrying someone extremely famous and constantly hanging out with her famous friends, Hailey Baldwin never became the renowned sex symbol she so clearly wants to be… So perhaps these new tits and slightly less offensive face will be her ticket to mainstream celebrity status.

Of course ass and Hailey have always gone hand in hand, so she didn’t need any help in that department… For not only are all Baldwins known for being tremendous assholes, but Hailey also has a tremendous asshole (as you can see from the thong bikini photos above).

Yes, now that Hailey Baldwin is armed with both boobs and butt she is primed for success. If she continues to fail at parlaying her famous family name, husband, and friends into Showbiz stardom than she truly is one of the most inept harlots heathen Hollywood has ever seen.

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Hailey Baldwin Hot Ass Compilation

Despite showing her boobs in a see through top in the photo above, Hailey Baldwin is best known for 3 things… Being beloved actor Billy Baldwin’s niece, marrying Justin Bieber, and having a tight round ass. That is why we have compiled Hailey’s “hottest” booty pics into the gallery below.


Yes, Hailey Baldwin certainly has a taut plumb little hiney, so it is easy to see why Justin Bieber married her… As her backside must look great as it supports the harness to the big black strap-on that she uses to peg his gaping homoqueer anus hole every night.

Speaking of stretched out rectal openings, it is clear from the lingerie video above that Hailey has had at least one dick shoved up her derriere. Perhaps Hailey’s Uncle Alec had one too many at a family reunion, bent her over, and gave her something that was no doubt considerably less painful than watching him try to be funny.