Gia Ramey-Gay Nude Sex Scene From “Submission”

Gia Ramey-Gay nude

The video below features Gia Ramey-Gay’s nude sex scene from the TV series “Submission” enhanced in ultra high definition.

Believe it or not before performing as an “actress” in this sex scene, Gia Ramey-Gay cut her teeth in Showbiz by flaunting her sinfully silky smooth sex slit in Playboy (as you can see in the nude photos below).

Of course we would be remiss if we did not comment on Gia’s unique surname “Ramey-Gay”, as it shows that she comes from a long line of degenerate homoqueers that loved to ram each others flaming AIDS riddled homo holes… That isn’t to say that us pious Muslims don’t enjoy ramming gays as well, but in the completely different context of shoving them off the tops of buildings or driving a truck into a gay pride parade.

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