Emilia Clarke Nude Spanking Scene

Emilia Clarke ass

The video below appears to feature Emilia Clarke getting her nude ass spanked in a scene from the award winning BBC series “Cheeky School Girl Arse”.

Of course us righteous Muslim men have been calling for Emilia Clarke to get her sloppy butt cheeks slapped ever since she started parading around her pussy on “Game of Thrones”.

Sadly the spanking Emilia receives in this scene is not nearly hard enough, as a brazen Jezebel like her needs her booty cheeks turned bright red and bleeding.

Luckily us powerful Muslims will happily pick up the slack, as we have many fine spanking rods crafted from stiff Nile reeds that should do the job of branding Emilia’s blasphemous bum with switch marks nicely.

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Emilia Clarke Nude FaceTime Sex Simulation

Emilia Clarke appears to simulate sex in front of a camera while naked in a hotel room in the video below.

After listening to Emilia Clarke talk in graphic detail about her female private parts in this video one thing is abundantly clear… Emilia is a transphobe!

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Yes, it is obvious that Emilia either does not understand or does not believe the latest liberal science on gender and biological sex… Thus her hateful dirty talk obsessively revolving around her feminine sex organs.

Emilia Clarke certainly has a lot to learn when it comes to gender identity, which is not surprising… For as you can see in the photos above, at 18-years-old she was already a CIS woman. Of course us pious Muslim men on the other hand are much more “woke” when it comes to these issues, as we always refer to rough lesbodykes as he/him and fairy homoqueers as she/her before tossing them off of buildings.

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Emilia Clarke Hot

Hot Emilia Clarke pictures from various photoshoots. There are a few fake Fappening pictures squeezed in there for whichever reason. Guess someone thought it might be cute to tease us like that?


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Emilia Clarke Nude Masturbation Scene

Emilia Clarke appears to masturbate her sinfully silky smooth sex slit in the nude masturbation scene above.

There is certainly no denying that Emilia Clarke would not be flaunting her nude lady bits like this if she was circumcised like a proper woman… For there is something about turning the entrance to a woman’s cock cave into a mass of desensitized scar tissue rubble that teaches them some humility.


Of course Emilia dildoing her dick box is nowhere near her most erotic nude scene… For that title will forever and always go to the video clip above of Emilia getting pounded camel style by the powerful Muslim chieftain Khal Drogo on “Game of Thrones”.

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Emilia Clarke Convinced To Do More Nude Sex Scenes

The video below appears to feature Emilia Clarke in her agent’s office getting convinced to do more nude sex scenes to sustain her career.

It is certainly comes as no surprise that after “Game of Thrones” ended, Emilia Clarke’s acting career has taken a nosedive and she is now struggling to hold on to the spotlight…

For only appearing naked once onscreen (see below) since her “Game of Thrones” days is just not going to cut it, as Emilia’s only “talent” is that she is a frumpy slut who shows off her flabby tits and ass.

Yes, Emilia is certainly in no position to be stingy with her nudity, and her agent does a good job of explaining to her what she must do to continue to be a star in hopelessly depraved heathen Hollywood. Unfortunately for Emilia his salesmanship is much better than his cockmanship, as that was an extremely low-grade banging that he gives her baby box afterwards.

Emilia Clarke Nude Sex Workout Video

Emilia Clarke appears to capitalize off of her new toned physique by starring in the hardcore sex workout video above.

While many have foolish speculated that Emilia’s transformation from being a flabby floozie into the hard body whore that she is today is the result of an eating disorder or AIDS, us pious Muslims know that Emilia’s shocking weight loss comes from her putting in hard work… Getting her sin holes vigorously slammed.

Yes, after seeing this workout sex tape there is little doubt that Emilia is a fitness fanatic, as she even stresses the importance of stretching before exercise and taking in protein immediately afterwards.

Thank Allah that the days of Emilia tormenting our pious Muslim eyes with her sloppy soft supple tit sacks are long gone…

And not just because she lost weight, but rather because she will soon be burning in the eternal hellfire for her crimes against morality… As is so vividly depicted in the photo above.

Emilia Clarke POV Sex Tape

The video below appears to feature a POV (point-of-view) sex tape of Emilia Clarke from the “Game of Thrones” set.

This sex tape looks like it was filmed during season one of the series when Emilia had long blonde wavy hair, and not such a smug look of self-importance on her face… However, it is difficult to determine who is banging her, as it could be anyone from a lighting grip to one of the numerous extras who played the Dothraki (and no doubt tapped Emilia’s flabby ass).

Regardless it certainly comes as no surprise to see that Emilia was passed around like the town bicycle during filming, as she was one of the biggest cum sluts in the cast (right behind the flaming homofag who played Jon Snow).

Emilia Clarke Sick In Candid Bikini Pics

“Game of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke appears to be on death’s door, as she frolics on a yacht in a bikini in the candid photos below.


As you can see from these photos, Emilia Clarke is wasting away right before our eyes, as spends her final fleeting moments playing with her nipples and reading a book like a total whore.

Yes, when comparing Emilia’s body in these bikini pics to her latest (and now no doubt final) nude scene in the brightened screencap above, the evidence of her imminent demise is all the more glaring. Of course as an unwed and barren 33-year-old Jezebel it was always inevitable that Emilia would meet an untimely end… It was just a matter of whether that be through a severe djinn infection of her overused sex holes, or the Sharia stones of justice.

Top 5 Celebrities Nude On Broadway

Occasionally celebrity starlets will take time away from their busy schedules of prostituting their naked flesh on TV shows and in movies to do so live on-stage to demonstrate their “range” as actresses. And so in the video above we have compiled the top 5 nude celebrity moments from Broadway.

For the true theater buffs out there, you can also peruse our list through the photos below.

#5 Emilia Clarke – “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

#4 Sienna Miller – “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”

#3 Anna Camp – “Equus”

*For all you musical theater lovers, you can see Harry Potter’s (Daniel Radcliffe) tiny crocked boy wand in this one.

#2 Amanda Seyfried – “The Way We Get By”

#1 Sophie Cookson – “Killer Joe”

*In case you can’t place her, Sophie is the “hot girl” from “Kingsman: The Secret Service”.

Emilia Clarke Covered Nudes Colorized

Emilia Clarke’s (in)famous covered nudes from a photo shoot for “Wonky Tittied Sluts Quarterly Review” (probably) have just been expertly colorized and enhanced in the gallery below.


Of course these photo are from back in Emilia’s prime when she was on top of the world flaunting her lopsided breast meat on the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones”.


However, now that “Game of Thrones” has ended so has Emilia’s time in the spotlight. For despite her best efforts “campaigning” (as you can see in the video above), Emilia was unable to secure a single Golden Globe award for that absolutely horrible final season.

Yes, it is time for Emilia to fade into obscurity and take her flabby cock-eyed milk sacks with her… But rest assured her legacy is secured, as she will always be remembered as one to the most overrated and talentless tarts ever to make it big in heathen Hollywood.

Emilia Clarke Blowjob Sex Tape Video

The video above appears to feature Emilia Clarke’s graphic blowjob sex tape… As you can see, Emilia has her famous “Game of Thrones” blonde hair in this sex tape, which begs the question of whether or not this was her “auditioning” for the show.

Frankly after seeing what a degenerate dragon slut Emilia was on “Game of Thrones”, it is certainly possible that this sex tape was how she was cast for her role.

Of course there is a raging debate on whether Emilia looks better as a blonde or with her natural brunette hair… But us pious Muslims would prefer to see her as a redhead from the stones of justice cracking open her skull.

Until that glorious day comes to fruition we will no doubt continue to be ocularly accosted by Emilia’s sad saggy tit sacks and salaciously sinful sex tapes.

Emilia Clarke Anal Sex Birthday Celebration

Emilia Clarke appears to have celebrated her 33rd birthday yesterday by getting her anus hole opened in the anal sex video below.


Of course the only surprising thing about this Emilia Clarke anal experience is that her ass appears to still be remarkably tight… For one would have thought that after being a brazen whore in heathen Hollywood for years now her rectum would have been completely wrecked at this point.

Perhaps for Emilia’s 34th birthday she should try having her sphincter stretched by a Muslim’s massive meat scud… It would certainly be serendipitous, as at that point in her life she’ll already be required to wear Depends adult diapers anyway.

Yes, time has certainly flown by, and Emilia Clarke has now blossomed into a decrepit old degenerate who takes dick in her dumper.

In the years to come it will be interesting to see if her tits begin to swing even lower, for they are already at the point where they are considered a serious tripping hazard.

Emilia Clarke Takes Her Saggy Tits Out At The Emmys

Emilia Clarke puts her sloppy saggy tit sacks on display at the Emmys while braless in an extremely low cut dress in the sickening photos below.


Of course Emilia can’t act for shit and the final season of “Game of Thrones” sucked major donkey dick (and not in the good way), so one really can’t blame Emilia for pulling out all the stops (AKA her chesticles) to try and win something…

And it worked! Not that Emilia won an Emmy (even that award show has some standards), but rather she got a steaming load of jizz shot on her slutty face.

In the end with wonky droopy boobies like her’s, a cum facial is the best Emilia could realistically have hoped for. Now she can fade away into obscurity and we never have to see her and her low swinging half-filled sandbag breasts ever again.

Emilia Clarke Nude Scene From “Voice from the Stone” Brightened And Enhanced

The video below features Emilia Clarke’s nude scene from “Voice from the Stone” expertly brightened and enhanced using the latest in advanced Islamic imaging technology.

The great Satan US of A can impose all of the sanctions it wants, it can not stop the brilliant scientific minds at Celeb Jihad Labs in Tehran from exposing heathen Hollywood harlots like Emilia Clarke as brazen Jezebels with these sorts of digitally enhanced nude scenes.

Of course Emilia didn’t even have to be naked in this scene to warrant her receiving a righteous stoning under Sharia law. For her being filmed alone with a man who is not her husband or immediate blood relative is more than enough evidence to send this whore down to spend eternity in the Hellfire… Whether she be “acting” at the time or not.