Dua Lipa Continues To Show Off Her Naked Body

Dua Lipa naked

Pop star Dua Lipa appears to start the new year off by continuing to flaunt her naked body, as you can see in the selfie photos above.

Like most infidel women, Dua Lipa is clearly obsessed with the idea of getting her backdoor blasted hard by us virile Muslim men… And she hopes that by constantly whoring herself in these types of slutty photos, she will eventually convince a Muslim to pulverize her posterior with the powerful thrusts of his enormous meat scud.

Unfortunately for Dua the only banging she is going to get out of us Muslims will come from the Sharia stones of justice… Which will certainly send her “levitating” when they strike her with a righteous fury for these crimes against morality.

Yes, Dua can pack up her perky milk pecks and sloppy shit box, for she is certainly unworthy of being a receptacle for our holy Islamic seed.

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Dua Lipa Shows Off Her New Big Boobs In Nude Photos

Pop star Dua Lipa appears to show off her brand new big boobs in the topless nude photos above.

Dua Lipa getting her breasts enhanced has been long overdo, for her previous tiny titties were certainly not making up for her fugly mug no matter how many times she pressed them together or showed off her nipples.

Yes, Dua’s new chesticles will certainly be the shot in the arm that her dwindling music career needs to keep it going for another year.

For in this depraved day and age in the infidel West, a “singer” is only considered a success if she wins the slut battle with her rivals… And Dua just added two big ole cannons to her whore arsenal.

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Dua Lipa Nude Topless Photos Released

Pop star Dua Lipa’s topless nudes appear to have just been released online in the photos above.

Of course it comes no surprise that Dua would fully expose her blasphemous bare breasts like this, for she is a talentless tart who has made a career out of teasing with her tits. Thankfully us pious Muslims are immune to such whorific antics…

For when the hopelessly depraved infidels look at the Dua pic above they no doubt see her erect nipple poking through her see through top… While us righteous Muslims with our pure Islamic minds, only focus on Dua’s enormous man hands which are capable of quickly and effectively harvesting many bushels of figs.

Yes, this is one of the major differences between the typical kuffar and us Muslims… With the other one being that our enormous ball satchels hold so much potent and pungent Islamic baby batter that if we blasted it all over Dua’s slutty face she’d look like the end of a Three Stooges’ pie fight.

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Dua Lipa Nude Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Pop star Dua Lipa appears to flaunt her nude body behind-the-scenes of her live shows in the photos above.

Of course it should come as no surprise that a degenerate Jezebel like Dua would be so brazen with her blasphemously bare female sex organs behind-the-scenes like this, for last night on stage at the Brit Awards (whatever the hell that is) Dua bent over and showed off her ass in a thong while performing (as you can see in the pics above).

Yes, if Dua Lipa is this depraved a slut out in the open then one shudders to imagine what sickeningly sinful acts she must commit in her private life… But there is little doubt that they involve all three of her orifices, every race and gender identity, and at least a half dozen different farm animals.

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Dua Lipa Nude Pageant Headshot And Ass Thong Bikini Pics

Pop star Dua Lipa appears to show off her nude tits in the topless headshot above while wearing a crown from her days as the Miss Northumbria pageant winner back in her homeland of the United Kingdom.

Of course it is not at all surprising to see that Dua Lipa continues to use what she learned in the deeply depraved pageant circuit today, as she prostitutes her sloppy ass in a thong bikini while vacationing in the candid photos below.


Unfortunately for Dua her dumpy derriere may have been good enough to get her out of the English slums, but it will never lead her to find success with us pious Muslims.

For despite having an olive Persian (or possibly Arabic) complexion, Dua Lipa is clearly not a beautiful Muslimina… For she is severely lacking in both righteous humility and erotic pubic hair… Which should be coating her sex organs like a bushy burka providing her much needed modesty.

Dua Lipa Pussy Lips In See Thru Panties

Pop star Dua Lipa shows off her pussy lips through her pink see through panties in the photo above.

Of course it certainly comes as no surprise that Dua Lipa would flaunt the entrance to her cock cave like this, for she not only walks around in public without panties on, but her name is Brazilian for “second set of lips”… A reference to her meaty mound.

Frankly it is only a matter of time until Dua incorporates her cunt into her live show as well… For as you can see, she is already parading around her tits and plump ass as much as possible.

Besides if she is going to try and make up for the sound of her so-called “music”, then the very least she can do is showcase her snatch to her hopelessly depraved heathen fanbase.

Dua Lipa Boobs, Butt, And Bikini Collages

Over the past month pop star Dua Lipa has unleashed a continuous onslaught upon our pious Muslim eyes with photos of her boobs and butt in bikinis…

However, instead of doing a large number of posts denouncing this blasphemously brazen Jezebel, it is far more efficient and effective to compile her sickeningly sinful swimsuit pics into collages and issue a fatwa against them all at once.

And that is just what we are doing here… For there is certainly no denying that Dua’s flabby ass meat, and sloppy tit sacks are a direct affront to Islam and the holy Muslim aesthetic.

Rest assured that Dua will burn in the eternal hellfire with a fiery fury of a thousand suns for these egregious pics… Especially after they have been so elegantly put together like this by us righteous and crafty celeb jihadists.

Dua Lipa’s Tits And Ass Flaunting Going Well

Singer Dua Lipa flaunts her titties in a tiny bikini top in the photo above, and then twerks her round ass in the video clip below.


The most important element to being a pop star in the infidel West is certainly not musical talent, but rather the ability to be a tremendous whore… And as you can see, Dua Lipa has a long and successful career ahead of her.

Of course Dua’s erect nipples and plump rump have already led her to quite a bit of success in the music industry, as she used them to win the 2019 Grammy for “Best New Artist”.

Add to that the fact that Dua Lipa’s stage name is Portuguese for “two lips”, a shameless reference to the two sets of lips she uses on music producers, and its easy to see why Dua is destined for big things.

Dua Lipa’s Best Thong Bikini Photos From Her Miami Vacation

The gallery below features pop star Dua Lipa’s best thong bikini photos from her New Year’s trip to Miami.


When Dua Lipa first started flaunting her flabby ass in a thong bikini a couple of days ago, us veteran Muslim jihadists were wise enough not to post the pictures. For through our years of experience in dealing with extreme degenerates like Dua we knew that once she got going displaying her dumpy derriere she was unlikely to stop.

So rather than flood this holy Islamic website with post after post of this frumpy floozy, we compiled and contained her sickening sinfulness into this one article. We even included her New Year’s Eve sparkling sluttery in the video above, just to comprehensively cover all of her recent depravity.

Dua Lipa Nude Masturbation Video

The video below appears to feature singer Dua Lipa naked in her bedroom masturbating her sin slit.


It was always just a matter of time until infidel pop stars like Dua Lipa “connected” with their fanbases by send out videos of their pink pussy lips and puckering anus holes.

Of course Dua has no doubt wanted to do this sort depraved display for quite some time now, as during her live performances she has been teasing showing off her cock cave and shit box.

Unfortunately we still have not reached the very depths of degeneracy that kuffar popular culture is capable of. For no doubt thanks to stars like Dua and the ever accelerating race to the bottom, in the not too distant future pop stars will be video taping themselves getting their gaping rectums fisted by midgets while they launch tennis balls out of their banged out baby boxes.