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Kiernan Shipka Tentacle Sex And Naughty Cheerleader Role-Playing

Kiernan Shipka sexy

In a blatant effort to expand her following in Japan, Kiernan Shipka performs in a tentacle sex scene in the video clip below from the new season of her hit Netflix series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”.

As you can see, Sabrina offers up her tight body while in a frumpy pair of panties to a tentacle monster who then chokes her and enters her sex holes. Afterwards Sabrina is left in a bathtub to soak her aching orifices and ponder this disturbing sexual experience.

Kiernan Shipka bra panties

Of course Kiernan Shipka’s love affair with heathen Japanese fetishes does not stop at tentacle porn, as she also enjoys role-playing as a naughty cheerleader while flashing her soiled panties.

No doubt after this workout bouncing her tiny tits, Kiernan’s sweat stained undies were shipped to Tokyo to be auctioned off to some slant-eyed executive at Sony or Nintendo.