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Sadie Sink Nude Casting Interview Released

Sadie Sink nude

Actress Sadie Sink appears to give a short interview after a nude audition in the recently released video below.

This is no doubt standard procedure in heathen Hollywood, as actresses like Sadie are required to strip naked on camera and show off their sin holes while being cast for a role…

Sadie Sink nude

And as a salacious soulless degenerate ginger, Sadie almost certainly has no problem with exposing her sinful scarlet sex organs to get ahead…

Sadie Sink sexy

In fact, us pious Muslims would not be at all surprised to find out that in this video Sadie was auditioning for voice-over work for some animated feature, and got undressed for the audition without any prompting by the casting director.

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Natalie Portman “Thor” Casting Couch Sex Video Released

Natalie Portman sex

Natalie Portman is returning to the her role in the Marvel universe, starring in the upcoming blockbuster film “Thor: Love and Thunder”… And after seeing what appears to be Natalie’s casting couch audition for the film in the sex video below, it is clear how she got back in Marvel’s good graces.

Yes, after famously pronouncing that she would never again appear in a Marvel movie as they are comic book claptrap beneath an actress of her status, Natalie Portman is now not only back but taking on the leading role of “Lady Thor”.

Natalie Portman Lady Thor

However, after being so publicly and rudely shunned by Natalie, Marvel producers did not simply gift her back her starring spot… But rather they required that she go through their vigorous “audition process” once again, of which this sex video is no doubt a part.

Natalie Portman nude

Of course Natalie is no stranger to doing whatever it takes to land an acting job… For despite her putting on airs in recent years, let us not forget that Natalie spent the majority of her early career whoring herself for any piddling part she could get.

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Saoirse Ronan Nude Casting Couch Sex Tape

Saoirse Ronan ass

Actress Saoirse Ronan appears to get banged doggy style in the casting couch sex tape video below.

It certainly comes as no surprise to us pious Muslims that Saoirse would get sexed on camera like this, for she no doubt takes less convincing to bend over than a Jew at penny plantation.

Saoirse Ronan nude

Not to mention that this casting couch session probably comes from Saoirse’s audition for her role in the critically acclaimed BBC period piece “The Wanton Wench” (as you can see from the similarities in the video clip below).

Of course as a lecherous Irish lass, Saoirse is no doubt in a constant state of intoxication… So even if she were to be questioned about this sex tape, she probably wouldn’t be able to recall it.

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Miranda Cosgrove Nude Casting Couch Sex Tape

Miranda Cosgrove nude

Former Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove appears to get naked and then banged on a casting couch in the sex tape video below.

As you can see from this sex tape video, despite her acting career having completely fizzled out in recent years, Miranda Cosgrove continues to keep plugging away by getting her sin holes plugged at auditions.

Miranda Cosgrove nude

With this sort of extremely depraved commitment to her craft, it won’t be long now until Miranda returns to the spotlight… Despite the fact that she has the face of a catfish.

For as the old Showbiz saying goes “you can’t keep a good whore down”… And Miranda Cosgrove is nothing if not dedicated to degeneracy.

Gal Gadot Nude Casting Couch Video Uncovered

Gal Gadot nude

The video below appears to be a recently uncovered nude casting couch audition featuring Gal Gadot.

Many have long speculated that Gal Gadot only got to where she is today in the Zionist controlled entertainment industry because she is a Jewess… But as you can see from the video above that is only half true, as she also made it to the top by being a tremendous whore who has no qualms about rubbing her nude Shebrew sin slit on camera for casting directors.

Gal Gadot bikini

Of course this should come as no surprise, for Gal has been using her banged out cock box to advance her career for years. In fact, in her younger days she represented Israel in the “Miss Swollen Pussy Mound” competition, placing a respectable 5th place behind 3 women from African nations and 1 from France (which if you’ve been to Paris you know is basically an African nation as well).