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Elizabeth Gillies Big Boobs Assault

Elizabeth Gillies boobs

Elizabeth Gillies continues her ocular assault on our pious Muslim eyes, as she brazenly puts her blasphemously bulbous boobs on display in the swimsuit photos above and below.

Elizabeth Gillies boobs

It seems like Elizabeth has really stepped up the throwing of her busty breasts in our righteous Muslim faces.

Luckily Elizabeth’s titty attack will not be effective in defiling our virtuous loins with lecherous djinns… For we have the teachings of the blessed Prophet (PBUH) to protect us, and the comfort of knowing that one day in Paradise we will suckle from the greatest bosom of all… Allah’s.

Elizabeth Gillies legs tits

Yes, Elizabeth and her tantalizing tits have once again tried and failed to tempt us into sin. Let us pray that her and her Satanic milk sacks soon taste Sharia justice in the form of a vigorous stoning for these crimes against morality.