Coi Leray Nude Nipples And Ass Twerking Compilation

Rapper Coi Leray shows off her nude nipples on top of her mocha mammaries in the photos above, and twerks her bare brown booty cheeks in the compilation video below.

As you can see, Coi Leray is one savage Sub-Saharan slut who is desperate for dick in her sin slit and sphincter.

Of course if Coi hopes to get her she-boon shit box stretched by a virile Muslim’s mighty meat scud, she needs to stop flopping around her ass meat and report to a Libyan slave market.

For all sorts of abids are being bought in sold in Tripoli to this very day… And while nearly all are put to work as beasts of burden out in the poppy fields… Coi Leray is light-skinned enough to pull the plow during the day, and get her plump posterior pounded at night.

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Bhad Bhabie Nude Tits And Ass Photo Shoot

Just weeks after her 18th birthday, rapper and social media star Bhad Bhabie continues her bhad behavior as she appears to show off her nude tits and ass in the photos below.


There is no denying that this tatted-up mongrel monstrosity is a glimpse into the not-so-distant future of Western society, as soon nearly all infidel females will be looking and acting just like Bhad Bhabie.

Of course us pious Muslims always knew that the death rattle of the Western world would not be pretty, but few could of imagined that it would be this bhad. Certainly it will be an act of extreme mercy when we finish conquering these abominations, and enslave them in the Syrian salt mines to toil away their remaining days.

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Dominique Asgeirsdottir Ultimate Ass Photos Collection

The gallery below features the ultimate collection of model Dominique Asgeirsdottir’s best ass photos.


As you can see from these pics, Dominique Asgeirsdottir specializes in modeling her plump round rump… And even though her face is busted looking, us pious Muslims would pay top Dinar for Dominique as her derriere is undeniably world class.

Yes, it is far more important for a woman to have a tight tush than a pretty face… For not only is a fine fanny far more useful in the fields, but in the bedroom a face can be fixed with a hijab (or two depending upon the seriousness of the case) but a butt has nowhere to hide… Especially while getting hammered camel style.

Anna Shumate Orgasms And Ass Flaunting

18-year-old TikTok star Anna Shumate has amassed almost 10 million followers on the Chinese spyware app, and after watching her simulate orgasms and flaunt her tight teen ass cheeks in the video clips and photos below it is easy to see why.

Of course it is also easy to see that like all hormonal teen girls in the infidel West, Anna has an overactive sex slit that she desperately wants to have deep dicked by a virile Muslim’s massive manhood.


Unfortunately for Anna her taut teen orifices will remain unstretched by the our tunic snakes until she learns some humility.

And the best way to start teaching Anna how to properly conduct herself is by taking a scimitar to her unshorn sin bean… For you better believe that if Anna’s nubile gash was a mangled mass of desensitized scar tissue she would be far more chaste, thus opening the door for her to experience the unimaginable pleasure of serving a powerful Muslim master.

Ariel Winter Returns To Flaunting Her Fat Ass In A Thong

“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter emerges from quarantine for the first time in over a year to flaunt her fat ass in a thong bikini on the beach in the candid photos below.


There is no denying that Chinese Bat AIDS has been a gift from Allah, for not only has it killed a bunch of old obese Americans, but it has kept brazen big bootied gutter skanks like Ariel inside and out of our pious Muslim eyes.

Yes, if sloppy sow sluts like Ariel Winter are starting to venture back out into the world, it is certainly a disconcerting sign. Especially since she doesn’t even have the decency to start her attention whoring by showing off her bulbous boobies…. So let us pray that a new more deadly variant of the Ching Chong Cough develops soon to drive this degenerate hussy back indoors.

Kendall Vertes Flaunts Her Teen Tits And Ass

Ever since former “Dance Moms” star Kendall Vertes turned 18-years-old she has been constantly flaunting her perky teen tits and tight ass in thong bikinis and lingerie, as you can see in the gallery below.


Clearly like nearly all infidel girls, Kendall Vertes has long fantasized about a life of sexual servitude in the civilized Islamic world… And now that she is legally an adult in the West and emancipated from her negligent parents (who foolishly did not sell her off when she was a proper breeding age), she hopes to make her dreams a reality by showing off her sex organs like this.

Unfortunately for Kendall she is going about seeking salvation in our harems all wrong, for to truly pique our interest she should present herself with extreme humility. For there is nothing more erotic than a girl like Kendall hiding her taut body behind a thick black wool burka… And if she happens to be holding up a decapitated Jew head as well, that would certainly help her chances of achieving concubine status.

Sofia Jamora Nude Tits And Ass Flaunting

Model Sofia Jamora flaunts her nude tits while out walking the streets at night in the full boob slip photo above, and while topless in the pool in the pics below.

And while Sofia’s bare breast meat is not bad, she will continue to be best known for her bulbous backside… Which she parades around in tiny barely there G-strings that only partially cover her anus hole.

Clearly these sorts of depraved displays are Sofia’s way to signal to us virile Muslim men that she is eager to get her ass stretched by our enormous Islamic tunic snakes.

Of course the resulting impact of the powerful thrusts of our meat scuds clapping Sofia’s flabby butt cheeks will result in huge shockwaves that would send seismologist searching for a shift in the tectonic plates…

So before Sofia Jamora gets properly dicked down Islamic style, a heads up should be given to the local chapter of the U.S. Geological Survey so that undue panic does interrupt our Sharia sexing of this slut.

Beyonce Launches New Career As A Thong Ass Model

The creature known as Beyonce has given us squawking into a microphone for a new career showing off her ass in thongs, as you can see in the video and photos below.

It was always inevitable that a savage Sub-Saharan she-boon like Beyonce would succumb to showing off her big brown bulbous booty meat like this, for despite her best efforts to appear white (with blonde hair extensions and skin lighteners) her dirt skin DNA would eventually win out.


As a pious Muslim man who has frequented the North African slave markets, I can say with certainty that flaunting their fannies is ingrained in every black woman. For it has been an integral part of their mating ritual for thousands of years… Resulting in the evolution of the plump posteriors that they are known for today.

Jordyn Jones Shaking Her Ass In A Pool

Social media star Jordyn Jones shows off her tight round ass by the pool in a thong bikini in the video clip and photos below.

As you can see Jordyn is really starting to put her booty meat out there, as nearly all of her content now features her butt cheeks out flapping in the breeze.


Naturally Jordyn wasn’t satisfied with simply showcasing her shitter by the pool, as she also hoped inside for an ass shaking dance routine.

Clearly it is only a matter of time until Jordyn is doing these sorts of slutty antics while completely naked…

Then it will be a short jump for her to be filmed shoving pool noodles up her pussy.

Sofie Dossi Ass Stretching And Bikini Boobs

19-year-old YouTube star Sofie Dossi flaunts her taut teen ass in tights in the gallery of photos below.


When Sofie isn’t exhibiting immodest levels of flexibility or whoring her round booty in a watermelon patch hoping to get blacked by a gang of hungry dirt skins, she is bouncing her perky little boobies in a bikini in videos like the one below.

Not surprisingly Sofie’s swimsuit sluttery extends to the photos below, as she exposes her nubile female flesh outdoors for all to see.


The fact that the infidel men do not twist this saucy tart into a pretzel and vigorous stretch her sin holes the minute she steps foot out in public dressed like this, certainly speaks to the extreme levels of homofaggotry prevalent in the Western world today.

Sofi Dossi Ass Stretching And Bikini Boobs

19-year-old YouTube star Sofie Dossi flaunts her taut teen ass in tights in the gallery of photos below.


When Sofie isn’t exhibiting immodest levels of flexibility or whoring her round booty in a watermelon patch hoping to get blacked by a gang of hungry dirt skins, she is bouncing her perky little boobies in a bikini in videos like the one below.

Not surprisingly Sofie’s swimsuit sluttery extends to the photos below, as she exposes her nubile female flesh outdoors for all to see.


The fact that the infidel men do not twist this saucy tart into a pretzel and vigorous stretch her sin holes the minute she steps foot out in public dressed like this, certainly speaks to the extreme levels of homofaggotry prevalent in the Western world today.

Jordyn Jones Twerking And Showing Her Ass In A Tiny Thong

TikTok star Jordyn Jones shows off her plump ass cheeks in tiny thongs in the photos above, and then twerks her booty meat in the video clip below.

There is no denying that Jordyn has certainly upped her degeneracy as of late. For not only has she enhanced her ass making it even rounder and firmer, but she is flaunting it more than ever before.

Clearly Jordyn is getting desperate to get deep dicked by a virile Muslim’s massive manhood, for she knows that despite her nubile appearance, at 20-years-old her time is quickly running out.

Unfortunately for Jordyn showing off her shit box or pressing her tits together in a bra while eating some sort of cheese and tomato sauce covered pita bread, is not going to entice a pious Muslim man to pulverize her poop chute with his meat pole. For the proper way for a woman to attract a Muslim suitor is to show faith, humility, and (if she has them) the scalps of all the Zionists she has killed.

Jennifer Lopez’s Ass Crack Examined In Detail

Jennifer Lopez’s enormous ass crack can be examined in detail in the expertly color-corrected and upscaled screen captures above and below from the film “Hustlers”.

As celebrity jihadists it is our solemn duty to take an in-depth look at Jennifer’s bulbous booty meat and vigorously denounce it, for it has been tormenting our pious Muslim eyes for over three decades now.


Sadly as you can see from the candid thong swimsuit vacation photos above, at 51-years-old Jennifer Lopez continues to ocularly assault us with her amble anus to this day.

Of course we can take solace in the fact that through the years more potential black babies have been exterminated in Jennfier’s plump poop chute than a Planned Parenthood in Detroit… But that is just a small silver lining in the dark cloud that is JLO’s depraved dumpy derriere.

Lele Pons Nude Tit And Butt Hole Slips

Social media star Lele Pons “accidentally” flashes her nude tit while dancing braless in the video clip below.

As if seeing Lele’s sloppy milk sack was not bad enough, she also slips out her brown butt hole while “accidentally” suffering a wardrobe malfunction in the screen shot on the right below.

Clearly Lele is one extremely degenerate slut so it is easy to see how she was able to amass 43.2 million followers on Instagram, as the infidel populace’s appetite for low grade depravity is insatiable…


Add to that the fact that Lele is a Latina from the Mexican nation of Venezuela and that she has recently packed on quite a few pounds on her posterior, and she certainly appeals to a large cross section of the heathen mongoloid masses.

Yes, Lele has figured out what the Zionists who run Hollywood have long known, and that is that you will never go broke by pandering to the base nature of humanity.

Unfortunately for Lele she will never be able to procure a following amongst us pious Muslim men, for despite having an impressive camel toe and the halal face of a mule, she just is not our type…

As we prefer women with pious humility… And a nice coating of thick matted pubic hair covering their anus.

Jordyn Jones Loves Showing Off Her New Thicc Ass

Social media star Jordyn Jones loves showing off her new thicc ass cheeks, as you can see from the thong bikini pic above and butt jiggling TikTok video clips below.

Six years ago Jordyn Jones was the biggest star on the Musically app that was taken over by the Communist Chinese and became TikTok. Now as a 20-year-old Jordyn is desperate to recapture her former glory and reign supreme on TikTok, but with only 9.5 million followers she certainly has her work cut out for her.

Of course Jordyn’s considerably more plump rump (as you can see when compared to the nude photo above) will certainly help her numbers, but cake alone is not going to be enough to catch the younger tighter TikTok thots of today.

In fact, Jordyn’s only hope of reaching the top now is for her to travel to Beijing and get her anus lotus flower plucked by the Chairman of the Chinese Social Media Council one Mr. Ping Li… And since Jordyn is no doubt no stranger to taking cream of Sum Yung Gai in her rectum, it shouldn’t be much of an imposition for her to accommodate Chairman Ping’s tiny little egg roll in there as well.

Addison Rae Desperately Wants It In Her Ass

The world’s top teen TikTok thot Addison Rae desperately wants a dick deep in her ass, as you can see from the thong bikini photos above and below.

By the way Addison is suggestively slobbering all over these watermelon chunks it is easy to figure out what color cock she wants in her colon.

Of course doing the savage Sub-Saharan mating dance known as “twerking” will certainly help attract an AIDS riddled African to her anus hole.

Unfortunately for Addison, a mask won’t help protect her from the social stigma of being a mudshark slut…

For despite how “progressive” the heathen Western world claims to be, Addison becoming a coal burner backdoor beauty will be a scarlet letter of shame she will have a difficult time trying to shake… Much like the syphilis she will surely contract in the process of getting her booty blacked.

Madison Beer Nipple Tease And Ass Twerking

Singer Madison Beer teases showing off her nipple while braless in a see through top, and then twerks her ass in a club in the video below.

Madison’s attention whoring appears to be all over the place as she continues to struggle to stretch out her 15 minutes in the spotlight…

For clearly Madison can not decide if she should focus on flaunting her fanny or her boob bags.

And while us pious Muslims are generally sickened by the sinful sight of a woman’s body, we can not help but suggest that Madison concentrate on curating content of her crotch…

For as you can see from the tiny bikini in the video above, Madison’s thigh gap is her best feature… As it advertises to us virile Muslims that she is capable of handling the tremendous girth of our enormous tunic snakes.

Jordyn Jones Anal Sex Tape

Singer and social media star Jordyn Jones appears to finally get her tight sphincter stretched on camera in the anal sex tape video below.

Clearly Jordyn has been in desperate need of a proper posterior pounding for quite some time now…

Unfortunately for Jordyn, the only way to get her anus hole annihilated to her satisfaction would be for a virile Muslim to vigorous ram her round rump with his righteously massive manhood, and after spending her formative years dancing like a dirt skin nigra that is very unlikely to happen.

Yes, Jordyn made her bed and now she must sleep in it… Without a powerful Muslim man by her side… Of course us Muslims tend to take up the whole bed and have our women sleep on the floor (or better yet out in the barn), but that is besides the point.

Sydney Sweeney Makeup Off, Tits And Ass Out Bikini Pics

Actress Sydney Sweeney shows off her big tits, rock hard nipples, and plump round butt cheeks with no makeup on in the candid thong bikini photos below.


As you can see from these no makeup pics, Sydney is what we call in the civilized Islamic world a “three hijab girl”… For to bang her you would need one hijab for her, one hijab for yourself, and a third hijab for your prized goat so that she doesn’t see what is happening and lose all respect for you.

Yes, there is no denying that Sydney Sweeney is a total “butterface”, so when us pious Muslim men say that we would love to see her “topless” we mean after she has been kneeled down in the desert in an orange jumpsuit and has her top taken off by a mujahideen with a scimitar.

In fact, if Sydney wants to take her fame to the next level, then all of her videos should be filmed like the one above… With her bouncing breasts front and center, and her fugly mug kept far off screen.

Peyton List Shows Off Her New Thick Ass In A Swimsuit

Former Disney star Peyton List shows off her new thick ass cheeks while in a swimsuit in the video clip below from her new film “Gothic Springs”.

Of course Peyton List was never known for having that much booty meat, so her pleasantly plump rump can only mean one of two things…

Either Peyton has built up her hindquarters pulling the plow out in the fields, or her toned tush is the result of getting her rectum getting regularly wrecked by an enormous Islamic tunic scud.

However, since Peyton does not appear to be incontinent and wearing a Depends adult diaper, the former is the more likely explanation… Especially since she is far too old for us pious Muslim men, and she is excitedly surveying more arid land to till in the photos above.

Alyson Stoner Flaunts Her Tight Crazy Ass

Former child star Alyson Stoner flaunts her tight ass in a bikini while wandering down the side of a road sticking her tongue out and flashing Satanic signs like a raving lunatic in the photos above.

When Alyson isn’t having one of her schizo episodes in the street, she is shaking her taut rump while dancing like a spaz in videos like the one above.

Of course it certainly should come as no surprise that now that she is a washed-up has-been Alyson appears to be living in a van, as she has no useful function in society.

As it should be equally expected that her erratic slutty behavior should continue…

For like most young actresses who spent their formative years suffering traumas on heathen Hollywood casting couches, Alyson is now a raging feminist who recently shaved her head and now babbles nonsense about “female empowerment” on her social media.

Loren Gray Bounces Her Naughty Bunny Butt

18-year-old TikTok sensation Loren Gray dresses up like a naughty bunny and bounces her butt in the video clips below.

As you can clearly see, this horny little minx is extremely desperate to get a mighty Muslim tunic scud stuffed firmly up her tail.

Of course us righteous Muslims find it utterly outrageous that an 18-year-old girl like Loren spends her days taking salacious photos in slutty lingerie like this… When she should be tending to her husband’s needs while preparing to give birth to their third (possibly fourth) child by now.

Yes, Loren prostituting her tight teen ass certainly illustrates the backwards and barbaric degeneracy of the heathen Western world. For the only time a girl like her should be bent over with her booty sticking up in the air like this is when she is scrubbing the floors, planting a roadside IED, praying towards Mecca, or waiting on her husband to violently pound her poop hole.

Paulina Gaitan Tits And Ass Being Pimped Out

“Narcos” and “Diablo Guardián” star Paulina Gaitan has her perky tits and tight round ass pimped out by her photographer boyfriend in the photos above and below.

Of course that isn’t to say that the only reason that Paulina’s boyfriend is dating her is to draw attention to his “art”, as she no doubt makes a mean chicken fajitas and his toilets are almost certainly spotless.

However, this Mexican minx was clearly made to be used by men… Which was evident the day that she was discovered by a talent agent scouting a Tijuana strip club.

Since that time Paulina has played a wide variety of roles ranging from a drug lord’s whore to a high-end escort…

And her amazing Aztec ass has no doubt been kept busy being bent over numerous heathen Hollywood casting couches.

Ariana Grande Bouncing Her Ass Zoomed And Enhanced

Pop star Ariana Grande bounces her tight ass up and down in the zoomed in and upscaled clip below from her new music video “34+35”.

While many believe that the title of Ariana’s new single is a reference to the 69 sex position, it actually is the equation for how many dirt skin nig nogs sex her sin holes in a typical month (with 34 pounding her pussy and 35 opting for the ass).

This is certainly surprising considering that Ariana’s little bubble butt is by far her best feature, and she is clearly obsessed with getting bent over and her sphincter stretched (as you can see from the screen cap above from her previous music video “Positions”).

However, some infidel guys just love a big banged out pussy, and as you can see above Ariana Grande certainly has that covered.

Olivia Ponton Tight Teen Ass Cheeks Compilation

18-year-old model and social media star Oliva Ponton flaunts her tight teen ass cheeks in various thong bikinis in the compilation gallery below.


As you can see, Olivia’s ass escapades (or asscapades) are clearly meant to get the attention of us virile Muslims, as she desperately wants to get her plump round booty meat clapped hard by an Islamic deep dicking… Which all girls her age fantasize about.

Yes, if Olivia Ponton keeps prostituting her perfectly formed posterior like this us Muslim men are going to have no choice but to bang her hard… Both with our enormous meat scuds and the Sharia stones of justice… But not necessarily in that order.

Doja Cat’s Nude Ass Trying To Score White Dick

Rapper Doja Cat shows off her nude ass to try and score some white dick in the photos above.

Of course we know that Doja Cat is after white dick in particular due to the recently uncovered controversial video above from before she was famous, in which she tries to seduce nerdy white boys in a chatroom by offering to suck their dicks and dropping the “N-word” with a hard R to get them really hot and bothered.

Unfortunately for Doja all of her degrading attention whoring came to nothing, for even the pathetic dorks who hangout on TinyChat weren’t interested in banging her big brown booty and instead chose to ridicule her.

Which just goes to show where so-called “women of color” rank on the scale of desirability…

For if a reasonably well put together and light skinned thot like Doja Cat can’t get any Caucasian cock, then what hope do the Laquishas of the world have.

Malu Trevejo Teases Showing Off Her Nude Butt Hole

18-year-old singer and social media star Malu Trevejo teases showing off her nude butt hole while shaking her slutty Spanish ass in a tiny thong in the video below.

Malu has been using her tight teen tush to tantalize and tease her 8.5 million followers on Instagram and 8.8 million followers on TikTok for years now, so it is about time that she gave these simp degenerates something substantial to stroke their pathetic tiny micro-dicks to by brazenly baring parts of her blasphemous brown booty hole.

Of course if Malu Trevejo hopes to get her sphincter stretched by a virile Muslim’s massive manhood then she better offer up her ass at her local Mosque soon. For as a lecherous Latina from the Mexican island nation of Cuba, she will no doubt age like a banana left out on a window sill.

Camila Cabello’s Hungry Ass Eats Her Dress

Pop star Camila Cabello’s hungry ass cheeks devour her dress while out for a walk in the photos below.


As you can see Camila is one out of control bitch, for not only does she squat down to take a dump in her neighbor’s lawn, but she then bares her teeth while lunging at a smaller dog… Showing once again why Camila is not allowed at most of the respectable dog parks in the Los Angeles area.

Yes, while Camila may seem friendly by the way that she wags her tail, it is clear that her owner should put her in a burka and muzzle for public safety reasons. For the last thing anyone needs is to have to get a rabies shot from either being mauled by this mangy mutt or from feeding her insatiable booty a heaping serving of man meat.

Loren Gray Desperately Wants It In Her Ass

18-year-old TikTok star Loren Gray shows off her desire for a butt banging by bending over on all fours and shaking her tight teen ass cheeks in the video clips below.

Yes, it could not be more obvious that Loren’s greatest wish is to get her sphincter severely stretched open by a virile Muslim’s enormous tunic snake.

Of course Loren’s dream of getting her rectum wrecked from a deep dicking by a massive meat scud is quite common among teen girls in the heathen West… Unfortunately when girls like Loren heard that to make this fantasy a reality they had to get on “TikTok”, they confused what was meant to be code for wearing a time activated martyr vest with the blasphemous Chinese spyware app.

Madison Pettis Bare Butt Cheeks In “American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules”

Former Disney star Madison Pettis shows off her bare butt cheeks in the video below from the new film “American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules”.

As you can see, Madison gets her brown booty stuck on an iron rod fence… Of course this type of mishap is quite common in the infidel West, as kuffar women seek out objects that are large enough to simulate a Muslim’s massive manhood in their sex holes.

Yes, fire hydrants, fences, and even street light poles are the closest things wanton Western women like Madison can find to fulfil their fantasy of being a Muslim’s sex toy. However, with her enormous ass crack it certainly appears as though Madison has what it takes to accommodate a genuine tunic snake in her shit box…

Of course to make this dream a reality Madison simply has to convert to Islam by reciting the “Shahada” and then skinning a Jew.

Jordyn Jones Wears A Tiny Thong Bikini In A Harem

Jordyn Jones shows off her tight round ass in a tiny thong bikini while visiting the harem of a virile Muslim man in the photos below.


As you can see from the opulence of the setting, both the quality and quantity of the whores, and the fact that Jordyn can not stop smiling from ear to ear, it is clear that she is finally fulfilling her destiny and is attending an open audition to be a powerful Muslim’s concubine.

Of course Jordyn should not get her hopes up too high, for this is a highly coveted and thus extremely competitive position. However, the fact that Jordyn has decided to follow this righteous path to Islam means that only good things await her… For even if she does not get to tongue polish a Muslim tunic pole, she may yet put her ass to good use as a fluffer in the racing camel breeding stables.

Madison Pettis’ Ass Modeling Lingerie

As you can see from the video and photos below, former Disney star Madison Pettis has really embraced her new role as a spokeswhore peddling cheap lingerie on social media.

Of course the whole concept of lingerie is offensive to Islam, for the holy Qur’an is very clear that the only article of clothing that amplifies a woman’s desirability is a thick black wool burka… And after seeing a frizzy haired floozy like Madison flaunting her dumpy derriere in this lingerie, I think we can all agree that once again us Muslims have been proven right.


Yes, a woman’s bare flesh is a sinful sight, and brazen sluts like Madison need to learn to be properly ashamed of their blasphemous bodies… Thankfully you can rest assured knowing that, whether it be through furious floggings or deep dickings of their anus hole, us righteous Muslims are more than capable of hammering this important point home when necessary.

Ariel Winter’s Ass In A Thong Ultimate Compilation

The compilation video above and photo gallery below constitute the ultimate collection of Ariel Winter’s ass in a thong moments.


There is no denying that Ariel Winter made a monumental mistake when she chopped down her miraculously massive mammaries and tried to rely soley on her meaty round rump for attention… As she will forever and always be best known as “the chubby one” from the hit TV series “Modern Family”.

Yes, Ariel Winter’s bulbous breasts would have taken her places her blubbery booty never could… Namely the barn of a powerful Muslim dairy farmer, where she would have been put to good use having her udders drained dry daily by his course calloused hands.

Lexi Jayde Teen Bikini Boobs And Booty Shaking

18-year-old TikTok star Lexi Jayde shows off her perky teen tits and thigh gap in the bikini photo above, and then shakes her tight little booty in the video below.

Say what you will about the Chinese being heathen bat eating mongrels, but they certainly know how to exploit girls of a proper breeding age (like Lexi Jayde) on their TikTok spyware app.

For what the Chinese realize is that the power of young sluts showing off their sex organs is unrivaled… And while heathen Hollywood has shifted its focus to trannies and blubbery she-boons, the insatiable demand for horny teen whores is now being filled by TikTok thots.

Yes, there is no denying that us virile and powerful Muslim men would certainly enjoy slapping Lexi’s boobies around while deep dicking her taut anus hole with our massive meat scuds… And if the communist Chinese government wants to spy on us while we do so, then so be it.

Jordyn Jones Pulls Down Her Pants In A Deleted TikTok

Social media star Jordyn Jones nearly completely pulls down her pants and then shakes her tight round ass in a thong bikini in the deleted TikTok video below.

At 20-years-old Jordyn Jones has been tantalizing and teasing us pious Muslims with her halal nubile appearance for the better part of a decade at this point, and quite frankly we are sick of it…


That is why we are issuing a fatwa to Jordyn demanding that she cease and desist with her incessant cock teasing and submit to Islam at once. If by the next harvest moon she has not compiled with our demands by reporting to her nearest Mosque and having tight round rump banged and burka-ed, she will not only incur our righteous Muslim wrath but also lose out on any chance she has of ever having her sex holes stretched by a massive meat scud… A fate far worse than death some would say.

Sommer Ray Nip Slip, Camel Toe, And Ass Jiggling

Model Sommer Ray puts on a nip slip, camel toe, and bulbous booty meat display in the photo above.

Even though Sommer is clearly a versatile attention whore, she will always be best known for the way that she prostitutes her world famous posterior in ass jiggling video clips like the one above and nude pics the ones below.

Of course Sommer’s tight round rump is considered nothing special by the superior standards of the Islamic world, for nearly all of our women have butts that are just as plump and firm due to their extensive fieldwork plowing the land, digging wells, and pulling our carts to market…

With the one major difference between Sommer’s shit box and a Muslimina’s being that her’s is shamefully silky smooth and devoid of both a coat of pubic hair and massive scaring from being whipped.

Camila Cabello Shows Off Her Bare Butt Cheeks In A Thong

Singer Camila Cabello shows off her bare butt cheeks while in a pair of skimpy thongs in the photos above.

Lecherous Latinas like Camila can not help but flaunt their bulbous booty meat, for it is in their degenerate genetics to stick out and shake their shitters every chance that they get.

However with that said, Camila is one of the better Hispanic hussies, for as you can see from the photo above she has perfected the extremely erotic “crouching camel” sex position.

If Camila would simply submit to Islam and present her posterior in such a manner, I’m sure a virile Muslim man would take pity on her and pound her poop chute with his mighty meat scud with the force of a thousand IEDs.

Anllela Sagra Nipples And Nude Ass Flaunting

Model Anllela Sagra has been on a tear lately, as she continuously flaunts her puffy nipples and nude ass cheeks to her 11+ million followers on Instagram.

As you can see from the video clips above and photos below, this Mexican minx from the heathen backwoods shithole country of Colombia has the muscular rock hard body necessary to withstand pulling the plow out in the poppy fields by day, and then take a plowing from a mighty Muslim meat scud at night.


Sadly Anllela squanders her sturdy frame by being a slut on social media… At the very least she should be doing something somewhat productive with her body by using her bulbous bolt-on titties to smuggle kilos of pure Colombian cocaine to the drug addled masses in the great Satan US of A.

Jana Kramer Flashes Her Nude Butt Cheeks

“One Tree Hill” star turned country music singer, Jana Kramer “accidentally” flashes her nude butt cheeks while on Instagram Live in the screenshot above.

Of course if you believe a blasphemously brazen Jezebel like Jana showed her bare booty by mistake, I have some oceanfront property along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border I’d like to sell you… For even though Jana’s round rump ain’t what it use to be after shitting out a kid, her willingness to flaunt it clearly remains the same.

Although she has transitioned to showing off her milk filled Mommy mammaries more as of late.

In the end, Jana is just another heathen Hollywood harlot who missed her chance to pledge her posterior to Islam and is now destined for an eternity of burning in the Hellfire.

Julianne Hough Desperately Wants It Up The Butt

As you can see from the photos above and video clips below, actress and dancer Julianne Hough desperately wants it up her tight round butt.

Of course everyone knows that Mormon chicks like Julianne are absolutely obsessed with anal sex, as they use it quite liberally as a loophole to maintain their virginity for marriage. Even after marriage the yearnings for the backdoor bangings of their youth persist and can be quite strong… Unfortunately in Julianne’s case the closeted hockey playing homofag (Brooks Laich) that she married is a power bottom, and thus unable to top her and give the proper poop chute pounding she desires.

In the end Julianne has no one but herself and her heathen Mormon faith to blame for her current state of sexual frustration. For if she would have followed the one true path to Islam her sphincter would certainly be getting stretched to her satisfaction.