Avril Lavigne Nipple Slip Bikini Pics

Canadian “punk rocker” Avril Lavigne slips out a piece of her nipple in the bikini photos below.


As you can see, Avril is following in the footsteps (or should I say boob-steps) of fellow washed-up pop star Britney by parading around her tits on social media like this… Let us pray that Jessica Simpson decides to join in on the fun and unveil her halal massive mammaries before Lance Bass ruins the trend by airing out his taint on TikTok.

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Yes, Avril Lavigne’s tit topper exposure is nothing more than a desperate attempt to try and regain the spotlight… Unfortunately for her the infidel masses seem to only care about crazy old singers if they are under conservatorships… Although it could be argued that all of Canada is under a Covid induced government conservatorship right now.

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Avril Lavigne New Boobs Nip Slip

Canadian “punk rocker” Avril Lavigne slips out the nipples of her newly bulbous breasts in the spooky outtake photo above.

As you can see when compared to Avril’s old itty bitty titties in the bikini photos above, there is something seriously sinister going on with her rapidly blossoming boob sacks.

And as Avril’s mammaries continue to expand with the heathen holiday of Halloween fast approaching, one can not help but suspect that dark magic is at work. Clearly something must be done before Avril becomes blasphemously busty, for her witch’s titty brew will only become more powerful in the dark days of October. That is why I am calling on all of my fellow pious Muslims to cast counter chesticle incantations using a potent potion made from eye of newt, Jew teeth, and a little paprika.