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Alana de la Garza Nude Scene From “Are You Here”

Alana De La Garza nude

The video below features actress Alana de la Garza’s nude scene from the film “Are You Here” brightened, color-corrected, and enhanced.

Alana de la Garza is best known for starring on TV series like “Law & Order”, “CSI: Miami”, and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”, so she of all people should have known better than to brazenly expose her blasphemously bare bulbous breasts in this nude scene… For she is in violation of at least a half dozen Sharia laws and looking at doing some hard time… By being on the receiving end of a righteous stoning.

Crime does not pay, and no one is above the law (Sharia law that is). Rest assured that Alana will be brought to justice and made to answer for this felonious flaunting of her nude tit sacks, or my name isn’t Durka Durka Mohammed.