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Aly Michalka Nude Shower Snapchat

Aly Michalka nude

Former Disney star Aly Michalka appears to have been filmed naked in the shower in the Snapchat video below.

Not only does Aly assault our pious Muslim eyes with her blasphemous bare nude female body, but she adds insult to injury by shaving her sex slit to make it sinfully smooth.

Aly Michalka sexy

Yes, the only thing worse than a slut is a slut with a shorn snatch, and Aly certainly seems to meet that criteria. For the holy Qur’an is very clear that a burka for the body and pubic burka for the baby box is a requirement that women must meet at all times.

Of course it is not surprising that Aly with her “resting bitch face” and tight toned tummy would defy the will of Allah, as she has been flouting Sharia law on behalf of heathen Hollywood for nearly two decades now… Something she will hopefully have to answer for soon to the stones of justice.