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Alexa Bliss Battles A Black Dick In An Interracial Sex Match

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WWE champion wrestler Alexa Bliss appears to take on a black dick in a no holds bar interracial sex match in the video below.

As you can see, Alexa shows why she is widely considered to be the greatest female wrestler of her generation, as she defeats this dirk skin dong with her famous “anus hole death grip” maneuver.

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Of course that isn’t to say that Alexa escaped from this epic match unscathed, as she no doubt will now test positive from the Monkey Pox and will have to go into quarantine before she starts fleeing her feces at people.

However once that is through, Alexa will certainly return to the ring ready to challenge WWE’s Paige for her Coal Burner Championship Belt…

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But that match will probably be held for Pay Per View, and possibly even be a headliner for the next WrestleMania… Although releasing Alexa and Paige naked into Detroit for a Royal Rumble type of a scenario would probably bring in more viewers.

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Alexa Bliss Nude Training For Saudi Arabian Match

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Wrestling superstar Alexa Bliss is set to make history when she becomes the first woman to wrestle in the glorious Muslim kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the WWE’s upcoming “Crown Jewel” event.

Of course wrestling in a civilized Islamic country is much different than in the heathen West, for Alexa’s cheap tawdry trick of showing off her tight round ass will not go over well with a pious Muslim audience.

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Luckily for Alexa she has wisely brought in the famed Iron Sheik to teach her the cultural mores and nuances she will need to be successful (and at the very least avoid the Sharia stoning squad)… And while most of her training thus far has just involved the Iron Sheik putting her in the “camel clutch” and then pounding her sin holes, through this process Alexa is no doubt learning much about the Muslim way of life.

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Yes, if all goes according to plan Alexa will not only please the arena filled with devout and discerning fans, but the Salman of Saudi Arabia himself… And he will descend down from his royal box to the ring, and honor Alexa with a facial from his mighty meat scimitar.