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Kaley Cuoco’s Ass May Have Killed John Ritter

Kaley Cuoco boobs

New evidence suggests that Kaley Cuoco may have been responsible for legendary TV actor John Ritter’s untimely death.

Kaley Cuoco and John Ritter co-starred on the TV series “8 Simple Rules” until John suffered a fatal heart attack on set at the age of 55. John’s passing was always suspicious as the man was obviously still in the prime of his life, but investigators all too quickly ruled out foul play. Now we have the video evidence above of a nubile 18-year-old Kaley accosting John with her thong sticking out of her tight teen ass which blows open this cold case.

Kaley Cuoco ass

Yes, it is clear from this video that Kaley was using her taut tush to torment John Ritter, and the ocular assault from her depraved dumper is what caused his heart to give out. Kaley of course used John’s passing to escape her “8 Simple Rules” contract, and star in the much more lucrative TV series “The Big Bang Theory”… Coincidence? I think not!