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Katrina Bowden Nude Selfie Photos Released

Katrina Bowden nude

Actress Katrina Bowden appears to have just released the set of nude selfie photos below online.


Katrina is perhaps best known for her role on the hit series “30 Rock”, but it certainly won’t take 30 rocks at her inevitable Sharia stoning for her crimes against morality for us pious Muslims to send her to her final performance burning in the eternal hellfire.


However with that said, Katrina’s tight round ass is quite enticing, and appears to be worthy of getting stretched beyond reason by our gigantic tunic snakes.

Whether we should bang Katrina first with our meat scuds or the Sharia stones of justice remains open for debate… With both approaches having their merits, as any red-blooded man who has attended the lapidation of a well put together woman like Katrina can attest to.

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