Taylor Swift Nude Selfies And Facial Negotiations Released

Taylor Swift appears to be more confident than ever about showing off her nude breasts, as you can see from the before and after comparison selfies above showing her going from moody with tiny tits to beaming with pride at her new bulbous boobies.


Of course Taylor has been far too busy to take lots of nude pics as of late, for after negotiations with the Zionists who bought up her master recordings ended up going nowhere (see the video above)… Taylor has been committed to out Jew-ing the Jews by re-recording all of her old hits for a new album, thus rendering the old masters worthless.

However there is no doubt that as soon as Taylor finishes screwing these Christ killers out of their Shekels, she will return to her famously flamboyant flaunting of her sickeningly sinful sex organs.

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