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Kylie Jenner New Interracial Sex Tape

Kylie Jenner sex tape

Kylie Jenner appears to be at it again getting her sin holes “blacked” by some dirt skin rapper on camera (the first time can be seen here) in the interracial sex tape video below.

Of course the real question is how is this sex tape going to effect Kylie’s transdaddy Brucelyn’s run for governor of California… But early polling shows that this actually helps Brucelyn’s chances of becoming the United States most powerful genitally mutilated politician (edging out the beautifully circumcised Muslimina Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from Minnesota’s 5th).

Kylie Jenner bikini

For the USA (and California in particular) is a vile cesspool of depravity, so it makes sense that a politician’s youngest daughter getting AIDS-ed by some ashy Sub-Saharan schlong would play well with voters.

Yes, Brucelyn’s campaign should hope that Kylie continues her brazen behavior, for it is theorized that Premier Beijing Biden only became President because of the photos of his son Hunter smoking crack and banging Obama’s daughter resonated so well with the inner-city voters in Atlanta and Philadelphia.

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