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Olivia Wilde Nude Photos Teasers Released

Actress Olivia Wilde appears to have just released the photos above and below, as a teaser of what is to come from her personal set of nude pics.

Of course Olivia Wilde is one of those hippy-dippy infidel sluts who think it is “natural” for a woman to expose her bare breasts… Whether that be in the bath tub, or at some drum circle campfire smoking dope with her friends.

However when Islam finally finishes conquering the West, Olivia is going to learn the hard way that there is nothing “far out” and “groovy” about being a flaming floozie who flounces around her floppy titties… And by “hard way” of course I am referring to the Sharia stones of justice.


Although if her anus hole is still as tight as it was back when she played a stripper in the scene above, we may do her the honor of culturally enriching her colon first.

Montana Cox Nude Photos Collection

The gallery below features the complete collection of model Montana Cox’s nude photos to date.


Most of these nude pics were originally in black and white and had to be colorized… And the only reason us pious Muslims bothered doing so was because with her hair slicked back Montana Cox looks like a girl of a proper breeding age.

Unfortunately after counting the rings around Montana’s areola it has been revealed that she is already in her later 20’s, and thus far too old to be useful in the harem of a virile Muslim man… Add to that the fact that she has the name of a white trash stripper and she comes from the prison colony of Australia, and it is clear that the sooner Montana is recycled into compost for the poppy fields the better.

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