Jennifer Lopez’s Ass Crack Examined In Detail

Jennifer Lopez’s enormous ass crack can be examined in detail in the expertly color-corrected and upscaled screen captures above and below from the film “Hustlers”.

As celebrity jihadists it is our solemn duty to take an in-depth look at Jennifer’s bulbous booty meat and vigorously denounce it, for it has been tormenting our pious Muslim eyes for over three decades now.


Sadly as you can see from the candid thong swimsuit vacation photos above, at 51-years-old Jennifer Lopez continues to ocularly assault us with her amble anus to this day.

Of course we can take solace in the fact that through the years more potential black babies have been exterminated in Jennfier’s plump poop chute than a Planned Parenthood in Detroit… But that is just a small silver lining in the dark cloud that is JLO’s depraved dumpy derriere.