Nicki Minaj Double Nip Slip In Concert

Rapper Nicki Minaj slips out both of her brown nipples while performing live in concert in the video clip below.

Nicki Minaj’s sinful Sub-Saharan tit toppers are certainly a sickening sight to behold, but it is one that was bound to happen with the way that Nicki has been prostituting her busty boobies to promote her new album.

As you can see from the topless pic above, Nicki is trying to show her range as an “artist” by focusing attention on her massive mammaries instead of just relying on her ridiculously oversized rump.

Of course as you can see from the thong pic above, Nicki hasn’t completely given up flaunting her fat ass at her live shows, for if she did every last piece of her merchandise would be looted in the resulting epic chimp out.
Author: celebme